Why Can’t I Transfer Pokémon In Pokémon Go

If you’ve been playing Pokémon Go a lot, you will have noticed that not all Pokémon you encounter are worth keeping. Why can't I transfer Pokémon in Pokémon GoSure, the game’s motto is “gotta catch ’em all” but is that Drowsee with 15 CP really going to topple the local gym leader?

With incentives like XP and Stardust on offer for every successful catch and a finite number of slots for the trainer to carry Pokémon, there will come a time where you just can’t catch anymore. It is therefore necessary to transfer the less valuable additions. This will free up valuable space for more powerful Pokemon.

If you really want to be the very best, then you will have to get used to sending duplicate Pokémon over to Professor Willow. In exchange for every Pokémon he receives, you are gifted one of that type of Pokémon candy. Almost every Pokémon has the ability to evolve into a more powerful monster and requires a certain number of candies to do so.

Please bear in mind that the candy you get in exchange for a transfer is specific to that Pokémon’s evolutionary tree. This means if you traded a whole bunch of Pidgeys, you could only use the candy to evolve a Pidgey into Pidgeotto, or Pidgeotto into Pidgeot.

Steps to Transfer in Pokémon Go

  • Touch the Pokéball icon near the bottom of your screen
  • Go to the “Pokémon” tab
  • Select the Pokémon you want to transfer
  • Scroll down to the screen’s bottom and choose “transfer”
  • Select “yes” to confirm your choice

You will then receive a message confirming that the transfer was successful.

Struggling to Transfer Pokémon?

If you are facing issues figuring out how to transfer Pokémon after the update, then don’t worry. Niantic has managed to confuse many players with a subtle change to the interface.

Here’s how to transfer Pokémon after the update:

  • Select the Pokémon transfer Pokémon in Pokémon Go
  • Click on the three horizontal lines that should be at the bottom of the Pokémon selection screen
  • Select the transfer option

There’s really nothing more to it!

Transfer Tips

In Pokémon Go, CP or “combat power” plays a huge role in determining a Pokémon’s value. The more Pokémon you have with higher CP, the better your chances of conquering the local gym.

Each Pokémon has a maximum CP value that is linked to the player’s own level. There should be a meter above their picture on the Pokémon menu indicating how close their full potential they are. Pokémon that are a long way from the maximum are ideal candidates for transfer as their abilities in combat will be severely limited.

Pokémon that are close to the full potential are perfect to evolve and power up. It’s definitely worth saving candies to use on exceptionally powerful Pokémon because you will be rewarded with a very strong creature after the evolution takes place.


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