Pokemon Go Trading Strategies

Trading in Pokemon Go?

Since it’s launch in the summer of 2016, Pokemon Go players have been quite vocal about the various ways developers, Niantic, can improve the game-play experience. The smash-hit mobile application well and truly captured the imagination of many but left some fans of the original games and animated series feeling a little alienated. There have been calls to improve battling aspects of the game to something a little more akin to the classic Gameboy titles and also demands to incorporate actual training of Pokemon to help them evolve. Perhaps the most requested feature, however, has been the ability to trade your pocket monsters with your friends. Trading was shown in the original Pokemon Go promo video, so fans knew it would eventually come.pokemon go trading


It is coming, eventually…

The official Pokemon Go News twitter account confirmed at the end of July that there were indeed plans to incorporate a trading feature. Along with this news was the announcement that there was also plans to extend the list of Pokemon available for capture. This means that one day, trainers will be able to hunt for all the additional creatures that inhabit the world of Pokemon, beyond merely the first generation monsters.

Since July, Niantic have been quiet on the trading platform front. However, according to one source, analysis of the newest Pokemon Buddy update confirmed the existence of codes relating to a trading feature that had been left in the updates programming. This is exciting news indeed, as it proves that the developers have

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been actively working towards the inclusion of the new feature.


How exactly will trading be introduced?

While we obviously cannot provide concrete details on Pokemon Go trading, Pokemon Go Hub has outlined a few suggestions based on the specific coding left in the Pokemon Go Buddy update.

They speculate at the following features:

  • Players will be able to search for other trainers in the area making trades. For now, how far this search feature will extend is unclear
  • Only Pokemon will be able to be traded. That means you will not be able to trade your powerful PokeBalls for Pokemon or Candy for Lure Modules.
  • Trading seems to have included safe guards against loss of connection. This means that if you lose your internet service during a trade, you will not lose out. The program will simply retry when you have a more stable connection.

Of course, none of this has been confirmed as definite. These are just lines of code in the programming that suggest that certain features will be included. The developers could start completely from scratch and ignore the coding that they have been working on, although this seems unlikely.


pokemon go phoneFor now, at least, players wishing to trade on Pokemon Go will have to be patient. It seems that the developers are making active moves towards the feature’s implementation but a timescale is currently unknown. We don’t think it’ll be too long before you’ll be able to trade your extra Pokemon to your friends, family or possibly to complete strangers on the other side of the world! Keep watching this space and we’ll have all the details as soon as they are available.










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