Pokémon Go Tips And Tricks, Beginners, Intermediate And Pro

This article covers Pokemon Go tips and tricks for three types of users: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Let’s start with beginner.


Beginner Pokémon Go Tips and Tricks

If you’re brand new to the world of Pokémon and fancy giving Pokémon Go a try, then the following advice should come in useful.


The application itself is known to be very battery intensive. This means that gamers are wise to use their device’s battery saving mode when playing. To activate this option, simply go to your device’s settings menu and find its power options. Find the required battery saving mode and switch it on. You can then return to the Pokémon Go application and enjoy a few extra hours of gameplay from a single charge.

pokemon go tips and tricks

Make sure to have a battery power source or portable charger with you when you venture into the wild in hunt of Pokémon. This will mean your device will last even longer between charges and allow you more time to look for Pokémon.portable charger

You will also have to keep an eye on your data consumption if you don’t have unlimited data. Your device must have mobile data enabled with GPS and location services switched on.

Regardless of power issues, Pokémon Go continues to enthrall fans while inspiring them to explore their surrounding in order to capture Pokémon. There are numerous strategies one can use while playing. However, the app fails to explain exactly how some of these strategies are best applied. To boost your experience, below are a few essential Pokémon Go tips and tricks you need in order to better understand and play the game.


1. Capture everything

This may seem obvious given the ‘catch em all’ strap line but many players only seem to want to catch Pokémon that they haven’t seen before. However, every time you capture a duplicate, you will receive an associated evolution candy. All unwanted Pokémon can then be transferred to Professor Willow to get more candy. The more candy and stardust you have, the more evolutions you will be able to perform. Each evolution not only creates a new monster but it also rewards the trainer vital experience points. Every Pokémon is worthy of capture as they all provide you with resources to advance through the game.


2. What’s close to you?

The meter placed at the right bottom corner indicates how close a Pokémon is to your location. By tapping on it, a pop-up list will appear. The silhouettes you may see are Pokémon you are yet to encounter. The number of footprints indicate a relative distance from your current location. The less footprints means the closer the Pokémon is to you. By tapping on the Pokémon on the list, you get to put them in a corner to see if you can get close to them.


3. Turn off Pokemon Go AR

With the help of the camera on your phone, you can enhance your gaming experience by placing Pokémon in the real world thanks to the game’s augmented reality mode (AR). However, this makes catching Pokémon a little tougher and is very battery intensive. Consider switching off AR mode if you don’t have a Pokémon Go charger.

While the AR mode is definitely fun, the novelty soon wears off and players who are serious about completing the game will most likely find it easier to play without this feature enabled. You’ll find that your PokeBalls run out much less frequently.


4. Holding fingers on the PokeBall

To capture Pokémon, hold the PokeBall by touching the icon with your finger. While you remain touching it, a shrinking target will appear around the Pokémon. Throw the ball by flicking towards the Pokémon. If you release your PokeBall at the correct time the Pokémon will become trapped inside it. There is a different XP reward for performing various throws. These are primarily based on accuracy. Catching Pokémon when the target is at its smallest will result in different accuracy bonuses. These include ‘Great Throws’ and ‘Perfect Throws’.

5. Avoid evolving the Pokémon too early

It might be tempting to use your precious Stardust and Candy as soon as possible. As you advance through the levels, you will encounter more powerful Pokémon on a regular basis. The higher the Combat Power of a Pokémon, the stronger its evolved form will be. Be patient and only use your resources when you are confident that the resulting monster will be the toughest it can be.


6. Find Pokémon in real-life habitats

You have higher chances of finding Pokémon close to their natural habitats. For instance, a water Pokémon can be spotted close to water bodies while Gastly can be located close to graveyards and at night time.


7. Pokemon Go Plus

Buy a Pokemon Go Plus to get the most out of your gaming experience. You can read all about Pokemon Go Plus here.


8. Start with Pikachu

If you want Pikachu as a starter Pokémon, don’t choose any of the three Pokémon offered to you at the beginning. At your next location, they’ll be offered to you again. Do this a few times, until a Pikachu appears.


Check out my Pokemon Go Tutorial article and Pokemon Go Guide for beginners for more information.


Tips and tricks for intermediate and advanced players

Pokémon Go is simple and fun. The basics are very easy to grasp; you walk to a location, catch and collect as many Pokémon as you can and visit the PokeStops to restock on items. When it comes to mastering the Pokémon Go game, you have a lot more to consider. Here are a few more advanced Pokémon Go tips and tricks to help you become the very best.


Hatch the eggs and use the incubator wisely

The eggs collected at the PokeStops are designed to help you get more Pokémon. Once in the incubator, you will be asked to walk for a set distance. However, you are only provided with one incubator with infinite uses and most cases, the incubator will only allow three hatches.

It’s therefore wise to use your incubators in the optimum manner. As incubators are hard to come by in the game (unless you are willing to buy them from the store), you must consider the distance each one is worth. With this in mind 2km eggs should be reserved for the infinite incubator and 10km for the disposable, three-use ones. This is because if you are to only use 10km eggs in the three-use incubators, it is worth 30km of egg hatches in total. This is the maximum an incubator can be worth. Compare that to the 6km that the incubator is worth by using on 2km eggs. Your infinite incubator can take care of all the lower distance eggs, leaving your disposable ones to work on the larger distances.


Gather more XP before evolving and powering-up

Your XP and level determines the strength of your player and also how powerful the Pokemon you encounter will be. As your level increases you will notice that the Pokémon that spawn in the wild will be much stronger. This makes it false economy to use your resources in the early part of the game. To play the game optimally, you should stockpile all the Stardust and Candy you accumulate and trade all but the very strongest Pokémon to the professor. Once you reach around level 20, you can then decide which of your Pokémon you want to power-up and evolve. These will be the ones whose meter on the Pokémon stats screen is closest to full. Players should power-up their Pokémon to the maximum and then evolve them. This will mean that the evolved Pokémon will be at maximum strength and not require any more resources post-evolution.


Get an army

To be a top Pokémon Go player, you will need as many Pokémon as possible ready to battle. You will also need to ensure that your team features a variety of Pokemon Go types, such as fire, water and psychic. This will make the likelihood of your success in battle much greater as you will be able to use certain types to target specific Pokémon at the gym to exploit their weaknesses.


Use Lucky Eggs Wisely

At various points in the game you will be gifted a Lucky Egg. You can also buy them from the store. These are a vital tool for serious players and can be used to devastating effect when leveling up. You see, the Lucky Egg doubles the number of XP a player receives for the next thirty minutes.

Savvy players can ensure that they have a long line of Pokémon to evolve whenever the have a Lucky Egg. Collecting Pidgeys is a great way to do this as they have the lowest level of required candy to perform an evolution. All you have to do is collect as many Pidgeys as possible and transfer them off to the professor. When you receive a lucky egg, make sure you have enough Pidgey candy to perform nothing but evolutions for the full thirty minutes. When you have enough (around seven hundred is great) and maybe sixty Pidgey’s to evolve then set off the Lucky Egg and begin to evolve all your Pidgeys.

You will receive 1000XP per evolution and can quickly gather huge sums of experience in just half an hour. You can also evolve any new Pokémon you may have waiting too as each of these will award you with 2000XP. ‘Pidgey Farming’ can rocket you through the levels in no time at all.

Find Some Gymspokemon go gyms

The Pokemon Go gym is where the real thrill lies given the fact that they are the route to more free PokeCoins (see below). Ideally, you should consider targeting a gym close to where you live since it makes it easy for you to return as many time as you can.

Alternatively, you can opt to train at a friendly gym to raise your prestige and boost your gym level. Once the gym level goes up, an extra space will be created that you can step into. Station one Pokémon at the gym to defend it and earn more coins to help you advance.

Get Free PokeCoins at PokeGyms

To get free PokeCoins everyday, you need to take control over an enemy-controlled gym. This means battling through the defending trainers stationed at the gym, the number of which varies according to the gym’s prestige level – the higher the prestige level, the more trainers you need to beat. For every full day the gym remains in your possession, you’ll earn ten PokeCoins.

Once you have controlled a gym for the necessary amount of hours, you can go to your “shop” page to claim your free PokeCoins. You will see an icon in the upper right hand corner that will give you a PokéCoin and Stardust bonus for every Pokémon you have defending a gym.


Eevolutions (Evolving your Eevees)

Among the cutest and easy to catch Pokemon in Pokemon Go is Eevee. This adorable little fox-like creature does not look much like a fighter but it is unique in its evolutionary pattern.  Unlike other creatures in the game, Eevee can evolve into three different forms. The evolved forms of Eevee are the fire-type, Flareon, the electricity-type, Jolteon or the water-type Vaporeon. These evolved Eevee forms are all great in their own ways. Vaporeon is the most powerful in attacks and defense.

When you perform a standard evolution on Eevee you will randomly receive one of the above forms. However, the advanced trainer can select which they create using the Pokemon naming feature. You must first rename you Eevee after one of the brothers in the Pokemon TV show before evolving it. By naming the Eevee ‘Pyro’ it will evolve into Flareon, renaming it ‘Sparky’ will create a Jolteon and call it ‘Rainer’ to produce a Vaporeon. Rename the Eevee and then tap save. Reload the Pokemon Go app to confirm that changes are made. Evolve the renamed forms to get the desired Pokemon.


Engage in fights you can win

While this is seemingly a cowardly approach, there is no point in engaging in fights you do not have a chance of winning. Every win earns you more XP and raises or cuts on your Gym’s Prestige. If you, unfortunately, lose a fight, you get nothing other than a Pokémon with no health. Then you will have to revive the health of the Pokemon Go with a potion.



Hopefully, armed with the above tips you will be able to take your Pokemon Go experience to the next level. The advanced and intermediate tips are a great way to ensure that you always play the game in line with the optimum strategy. This will ensure that you each decision you make uses your resources and time in the most effective way possible.














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