Pokemon Go Team Philosophies

Why Pokemon Go Team Philosophies Matter?

Pokémon Go fans around the world, it is your time to rejoice because your favorite teams await you in-game. Whether you are a long-time fan or just discovering the Pokémon universe, pokemon go team philosophiesfun times lie ahead. Those who have just begun their game and ready to hit Level V should know which pokemon go team philosophies would be ideal to join.

The three teams are unique in many ways offer varying player experiences based on their decision and play styles. Sure, you can just choose a team according to your favorite color, but that is hardly a way to play this game. The three teams in the game are Team Mystic (blue), Team Valor (red), and Team Instinct (yellow).

To make the most out of any game you choose, reading about their philosophy and background can be highly useful. So, without waiting anymore, let’s take a look at Pokemon Go team philosophies that makes the teams special.

Team Mystic – Knowledge is power!

In a way, you can assume the Mystic to be somewhat like the Ravenclaw house in Harry Potter. Team Mystic – Knowledge is powerThe philosophy behind this team is based on the trial of wisdom over brute force. The members of this team comprise of trainers who have brains to outsmart their foes in a battle to emerge victorious.

Highly popular and humble, team Mystic makes their mark with the legendary Articuno acting as their mascot. The mascot design represents elegance and power, a combination of two lethal elements that will guide you in every battle.

The legendary Ice Bird and Blanche, the infamous trainer, makes the perfect example for human and Pokémon bonding. This team is currently the most popular in the world and for excellent reasons. With the calmness of Blanche and reputation for the team Mystic’s wisdom, you’ll have a great time taking over gyms.

Team Valor – Fortune favors the brave

Signifying the strength and unity of trainers around the world, Team Valor – Fortune favors the braveTeam Valor makes no excuses when it comes to winning. The bold red color and the legendary Fire bird Moltres make the perfect combination to attract aggressive players. The philosophy of this team is never to compromise on value and maintain bravery even while facing tremendous adversity.

Strength is the key element that drives Team Valor and the trainers of this team to emerging victorious in battle. As the team leader, Candela says – Pokémons are not only stronger than humans but have a heart of gold too. And enhancing the Pokémon’s natural power is the way to pave for victory.

Unified by the bond of fire and ready to face the toughest challenges, Team Valor is the most second popular. Great thrills and success are guaranteed when you swear your allegiance to the bravest team of the Pokémon universe.

Team Instinct – The name is enough!

As the name “team instinct” implies, this team is all about trusting your instincts in battle. Team Valor – Fortune favors the braveRather than knowledge or brute force, instinct is all that matters for the trainers of this team. And why wouldn’t instinct matter? It is the philosophy that guides the highly successful players who have proved their mettle in the battlefield.

This team is represented by the yellow color and has the legendary Pokémon Zapdos as a mascot. In team instinct, you can expect to find many battle hardened trainers who concentrate on hatching powerful Pokémons. Together, you can compete and work with each other and work towards becoming the best Pokémon trainer in the world.

If you have been a fan of Pokémon, then you already know how instincts come into play throughout the series. For those who are new to the game are series, learning to trust the gut feeling will take you far.

How to choose the right team?

Nostalgia and color preferences aside, factions that dominate an area and friend’s teams are also important considerations in picking teams. Pokemon Go does not have any dedicated back story of the factions included, so it’s purely your preference. Pokemon go team philosophies Instinct is all about using your intuition, Mystic is about evolution, and valor is purely about strength.

So, go ahead and pick the team that you think is your true calling and compete to become the best. Regardless of your choice, you can expect to have the same amount of fun, but only in a different way.

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