Pokemon Go Stardust: What You Need To Know

Of the many items and power-ups available in Pokemon Go, ‘Stardust’ is one of the most important. For those people new to Pokemon Go and unfamiliar with the concept of Stardust, this guide should help you to get your head around it.Pokemon Go Stardust

What is Pokemon Go Stardust and Why Do You Need It?

Stardust is seemingly unique to the Pokemon Go universe. While almost all of the other items and power-ups available to trainers are consistent with the earlier Game Boy games and animated series, Stardust makes its first appearance in the new smash-hit mobile phone app. It is a component that is used that make a player’s Pokemon stronger by increasing their Combat Power. Every time a trainer successfully catches Pokemon, they are rewarded with Stardust. As you collect more Stardust, you will start to notice the Pokemon ‘Power Up’ option becomes available to use. Clicking ‘Power Up’ will increase your Pokemon’s vital statistics permanently, making them a more formidable opponent in battle.

Unlike Candy, which is family-specific, Stardust can be used on any Pokemon. For example, you can use the Stardust collected from catching a Pidgey to power up a Rattata. The amount of Stardust received per catch is always a consistent ‘100’ whereas the figure awarded for hatching an egg can vary dramatically.

It is also possible to collect Pokemon Go Stardust from gyms in your area if you have a Pokemon stationed there for more than twenty hours. The more Stardust you can gather, the better because a strong roster of Pokemon greatly increases your chances in battle.

How to Get More Pokemon Go Stardust?

You can collect Stardust in two ways, other than catching Pokemon. You can either hatch an egg or defend a gym. Every time you hatch an egg, you’ll get rewards such as XP, Candy, and Stardust. Pokemon Go StardustThe amount of Stardust you’ll receive depends on how long you took to hatch the egg. Depending on distance traveled – 2 km, 5 km, or 10 km, the Stardust amount will vary.

Defeating and capturing a gym can also yield Stardust for trainers. Once you have a Pokemon stationed in a gym, check out the gym information page by tapping it. This will allow you to see how many creatures are defending it and the relative strength of the gym. If you are able to strengthen and defend the gym sufficiently, you’ll receive Poke Coins and Stardust as a Defender Bonus.

How to use Pokemon Go Stardust?

To use this item, just go to the in-game menu and choose the Pokemon you want to upgrade. You will see a tab showing how much Stardust is needed to power up the Pokemon. The amount of combat power you can expect per ‘power-up’ is unique for every species of Pokemon. This is something a trainer should be aware of before using Stardust.

It’s important to remember that Stardust alone is not enough to power-up a Pokemon. You’ll also need at least one piece of candy for every time you tap ‘Power Up’, as well as the amount of Stardust indicated next to the button. There’s really nothing complicated as far as using Pokemon Go Stardust is concerned, and you’ll understand when to use with practice.

Other Stardust Usage Tips

Stardust in Pokemon Go is a valuable commodity, and you must be careful in deciding when to use it. Pokemon Go StardustYou’ll need more Stardust to achieve each ‘Power Up’ as you and your Pokemon reach the higher levels. This means it’s wise to save up whenever you can. It’s worth remembering that the Pokemon a trainer encounters in the wild naturally increase in combat power as the player progresses through the levels. Therefore, it is wasteful to use lots of Stardust on Pokemon in the early phase of the game as you will likely encounter much stronger Pokemon in a couple of levels time. This will make the creatures you powered up earlier in the game completely useless at later levels and is therefore a waste of Stardust.

From an optimum strategy point of view, players would be encouraged to save their Stardust until around level 20 when each level takes far longer to reach. It’s also important to only use Stardust on Pokemon whose combat power is close to the maximum it can be (indicated by the white bar above them on the Pokemon menu). This ensures that Stardust is used in the best possible way and increases the amount you will have available for very special, powerful Pokemon later in the game.


Using Stardust wisely is of vital importance to the aspiring Pokemon master. Hopefully, the above tips will enable you to make a more informed choice when using it and help you on your way to being the very best.


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