Pokemon Go Size: Height And Weight

If you’ve been playing Pokémon Go, then you probably noticed how every creature comes with different weight and height. Even the same Pokémon, two Pidgeys, for instance, can come in various sizes. Pokemon Go size

Defying the laws of physics, these cuddly creatures come in all shapes and sizes but do the figures mean anything? This is the million dollar question that we will be answering today to see a Pokémon’s vital statistics make any difference in battles.


Why should you care?

Imagine you have a couple of the same basic Pokémon, such as a Rattata or Pidgey, but each has different height and weight statistics. It would obviously be useful to learn that perhaps the larger Pidgey was more destructive in battle, or that the lighter Rattata was faster at attacking, for example.

In a game like Pokémon Go, if height and weight matter, then it could mean the difference between a win and loss during battle. This is the reason you should care about knowing all the statistics that are relevant during the game.


Are the height and weight the same for every type of monster?

No! As we discussed earlier, Pokémon of the same species can vary in terms of their height and weight statistics. Mostly, the Pokémon are classified as being either extra-small or extra-large in both height and weight.Pokemon Go size Many enthusiastic players have been trying to uncover the secret behind the vital stats and their correlation with battle stats.

So far, we know that one Reddit user, GershBiglander, conducted a study comprised of 26 Zubats. On analyzing the data collected, he found that height and weight do not have any effect on a Pokémon’s HP. While this may come as a disappointment or relief to users, we would like to see an official confirmation of the findings soon.

But, there are players who have a different opinion than that of GershBiglander. Some claim that lighter Pokémon are more adept in battle than heavier ones while there are others claiming the opposite. So far, we can only speculate about the utility of lighter or heavier Pokémon but cannot come to a firm conclusion without evidence.


Does height and weight of Pokémon make any sense at all?

Yes, according to Twinfinite tech blog, it does. This source has revealed that super lightweight Pokémon have benefits not related to battles. These lightweight Pokémon can help players get special medals by completing achievements. For example, ‘Pokemon Go sizeThe Youngster Medal’ is awarded to players for catching a certain number of Rattata below 1 kg.

There is also ‘The Fishermen Medal’ awarded to players for catching Magikarp weighing less than 1 kg. These achievements add another competitive element to the game and allow users to compare their progress with others.


Word from the developers

Niantic has remained tight-lipped with regards to Pokémon’s height and weight. While some players think that they may have uncovered their actual use in gameplay, nothing has been made official. If you visit the Niantic’s support page, the height and weight of Pokémon are only mentioned briefly.

The “viewing a Pokémon summary” page does contain information about height and weight but nothing regarding their advantages. Even the glossary page doesn’t seem to hold any concrete information that may shed some light on this issue.


Is this all hype and no substance?

Not really, because players are digging in the game system every day in their quest to find more relevant data. There is even a dedicated thread on Reddit.com where Pokemon Go size people contribute on a regular basis about their experiences. There are some players who have posted various theories stating that height has some influence on a Pokémon’s battle prowess.

Overall, it is safe to say that you can ignore Pokémon stats for the time being. Instead, you can focus on playing the game like you were and aim to become the best trainer you can. If there is more information available, we can count on the Reddit thread to bring reliable news. Till then, it’s just us and our Pokémon, against the world.



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