Pokemon Servers: Pokemon Go Servers Experiencing Issues

Constant issues have plagued the Pokemon Go servers since the game’s launch. pokemon go serversIn most cases, things seem to stabilize within a couple of hours. Unfortunately, as more players join the game, Pokemon Go seems to be getting progressively worse.

If you’re having a hard time connecting to Pokemon Go then you’re not alone. Most players have done their time staring at the error message for hours, unable to connect to the servers. Aspiring Pokemon masters already have to contend with tough gym leaders and tracking down the rarest Pokemon. Overloaded servers only add to the challenges a trainer must face.

Global Pokemon Go server outages are now the norm, especially during the early evening in the US. Most players are now fed up with staring at the the screen confirming that the game’s servers are currently overloaded. Even when the app appears to be running normally, players have had to put up with a PokeBall freezing up at a crucial moment. There is currently an outpouring of frustration on social media from people who are sick of the constant lack of connectivity. Check out the hilarious Reddit thread explaining how annoying the server problem can be.


Reason Behind the Down Times

The main reason behind the outages is the vast number of users trying to access the game, overwhelming the servers. The app experienced an unprecedented surge in popularity with literally millions of users trying to play at the same time. pokemon go serversCurrently, Pokemon Go is ranked among the top downloads and revenue charts on both Android and Apple devices. This is an impressive performance in the multi-billion dollar mobile gaming industry. Unfortunately, it also means that the server is struggling under the rising demands.

Recently, Niantic Lab announced its plans to launch the Pokemon Go app in Japan. However, the news comes with concerns over the already overworked servers. This could be why the developer is reluctant to make the game available globally.

Although some users are able to gain access to the game, the server issues can produce glitches where nothing appears on the map. Niantic Labs are yet to announce how they are planning to improve things for gamers. Meanwhile, frustration grows among players who are keen to get leveling up. When the Pokemon Go servers are down, the app is practically unusable. Imagine a scenario where millions of people want to play the game at the same time only for the servers to fail. This is has been a constant frustration for players and constant battle for the developers.


Is the server down?

Unfortunately, the developer does not provide updates regarding the server status. Luckily, there are a few websites you can use to check the Pokemon Go servers before you load up the app. As every online gamer will attest, this problem is not unique to Pokemon Go. pokemon go serversIn fact, server outages are common with most popular online games as they struggle to keep up with high volumes of players. The size of the crowd that has caught the Pokemon Go bug is just difficult for the new servers to handle.

A previous Niantic release suffered similar issues. Like Pokemon Go, Ingress is a GPS based augmented reality game. However, it too has to handle the traffic that this reputable brand attracts. The glitches in both games can be very annoying. It seems like Niantic is slowly starting to push the limit of what fans are willing to tolerate in terms of glitches within a game. If they don’t find a solution quickly, Pokemon Go may lose its popularity because gamers simply cannot get the game to work. At the moment, fans are praying that Niantic will improve the gameplay by eliminating or reducing the server down times.



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