What Are Pokemon Go Pokestops?

PokeStops are absolutely crucial to playing and enjoying the game of Pokemon Go. Being as they are the primaryPokémon Go PokeStops source of items in the game, a player who ignores PokeStops will not get far at all. Luckily, there are usually several PokeStops in a town and therefore you’re never too far from a location to restock your supplies at.


What Are PokeStops?

PokeStops are real-world locations in your town or city. They are usually in places of interest such as a school, memorial, church or monument. PokeStops are depicted on the map with a blue PokeBall icon with a circle around it (see picture). When you approach a PokeStop, you will notice the ball begins to spin, this means you can activate it. Tapping a PokeStop will opePokémon Go PokeStops n a screen depicting the name of the PokeStop and a picture of the location. Swipe left or right on the image to engage the PokeStop and various items will appear around the screen. These can include Eggs, Potions and PokeBalls.

Players can visit the same PokeStop numerous times but each has a cool down period.  This means that it will only allow a player to collect items from it once in a given period of time. If a PokeStop is unavailable, it will be displayed on the map and main PokeStop screen as purple, instead of blue. Players are advised to leave the PokeStop area and return after a few minutes in order to receive more items from the same location. Finally, to exit the PokeStop, simply press the ‘X’, at the bottom of the screen.


What kind of items are available at PokeStops?

In most cases, you will collect three to four items per visit to a PokeStop. The items given at PokeStops are Revives, Potions, Eggs, PokeBalls and Razzberries. At certain levels of the game, different items will become available. These new items are available at PokeStops, in additional to the original items that they are an upgrade of.

  • At level 10 players begin to receive Super Potions
  • At level 12 players can receive Great Balls
  • At level 15 players can receive Hyper Potions
  • At level 20 players are able to collect Ultra Balls
  • At level 25 players are able to receive Max Potions


PokeStops and Lure Modules

From level 8 onwards, You will begin receive Lure Modules at various points in the game. You can also buy them with PokeCoins from the store. Lure modules are used at PokeStops to attract Pokemon to the area immediately surrounding the location it is deployed at. To use a Lure Module, simply tap the PokeStop and hit the Lure Module icon on the main PokeStop screen. You will see a large Lure Module appear on the screen which you must tap to initiate. Once a PokeStop has a Lure Module attached to it, you and other players in the area will notice the frequency of Pokemon appearing will increase.

Pokémon Go PokeStops

It can be quite amusing how many people show up when a Lure Module is deployed at a PokeStop and it’s great that they can all make equal use of the item. This provides a real community aspect to the game because it’s easy to meet new people at a ‘lured’ PokeStop.

The Lure will remain active on the PokeStop for thirty minutes exactly.

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How To Have A Super PokeStop Leveling Party

To begin with, you have to gather a team of like-minded Pokemon hunters to get a leveling party going. When you have assembled your group you must drive (or walk) to a place with several PokeStops in one area. Common areas where you are likely to find several PokeStops are town squares, historical districts, tourist towns, and places with several churches in a small area.

Once you identify an ideal spot, all you need to do is walk around collecting as many goodies from the PokeStops as you want. You should also have one player set a Lure at every PokeStop. Once you have the Lures in place, you will have to walk (or drive) from one PokeStop to the next catching the hoard of the Pokemon that the Lure Module draws to it. For even better results, why not all buy a Lucky Egg and use it just before you place your Lure Modules to receive double XP for every task you complete in the game.

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How were PokeStops Created?

According to one source, PokeStops are set by the volume of geotagged photos uploaded to Google.  They use the same locations as those used for Niantic’s 2012 release, Ingress. The use of interesting real-world locations makes augmented reality games great fun to play. You can see your town or city in a whole new way and it can be great fun setting a Lure Module at your old Junior School and seeing what shows up!


Future of Pokestops

Niantic said in an interview in July 2016, that it would allow sponsorship of Pokestops in the future. There is already some evidence of companies employing tactics to encourage customers playing Pokemon Go to visit and spend money in their stores. These include free charging facilities and also businesses buying and setting Lure Modules off if their shop is lucky enough to be in range of a PokeStop.



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