What Is Pokémon Go Plus?

Pokemon Go Plus overview

It’s finally here. The device that many have been eagerly awaiting for the majority of summer. The Pokemon Go Plus device will revolutionize the way you go hunting for Pokemon and will make it even easier for aspiring masters to ‘catch ’em all’.

Those who are now experienced trainers will be well aware of some of the limitations that plague the augmented reality format. It can be really frustrating to have to keep an eye on your smartphone when out hunting for Pokemon, especially as the best Pokemon usually spawn in the busiest areas. This some drawbacks in that it’s a very battery and data-use intensive application. That’s without even considering the fact that paying more attention to your phone than to your surroundings can lead to all manner of accidents. The latest must-have gadget for the game, Pokemon Go Plus, is set to change all that though.


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What is Pokemon Go Plus?

Basically, Pokemon Go Plus is a wearable device that helps you hunt for Pokemon while playing Pokemon Go. This means that you can continue to play the game while your phone is idle. The PokeBall styled bracelet actually alerts you when a Pokemon has spawned nearby so that you can chose to open the game and catch it or have the device attempt for you. This allows users to save precious battery life for their mobile device and provides for a safer gaming experience generally.

Pokemon Go Plus makes the task of ‘catching ’em all’ that little bit simpler and is a great tool for aspiring Pokemon masters. Pokemon Go Plus is not a necessity to playing the game and gamers can still enjoy the experience in the ‘traditional’ way. However, arming yourself with the latest in gadgetry is a great way to increase the number of Pokemon in your Pokedex in the shortest time.


What Pokemon Go Plus Does

This nifty device detects Pokemon and allows users to catch them without activating their mobile phone. It vibrates and flashes a light when the trainer is in the vicinity of a Pokemon or PokeStop. When this happens, trainers can either click the button to auto-interact with the feature or open their application and play manually.

The Pokemon Go Plus peripheral will flash blue and will double vibrate if you encounter a PokeStop while walking around. Clicking the button will make the application spin the PokeStop icon for you and collect the items. After pressing the button, the device will vibrate the same number of times as items you collected. A single vibration near a PokeStop indicates that your bag is full and you need to delete some items. One Reddit user even reports using the Pokemon Go Plus with their Apple iWatch and being able to see which items they received on the screen. Pretty handy!


But I want to make sure I catch the rare ones myself…

The Pokemon Go Plus unit also makes it easy to automatically catch all the Pokemon you encounter. It will flash green and single vibrate if you stumble upon a Pokemon you already have in your Pokedex. If you find a Pokemon you’re yet to meet in the wild, a yellow flash will accompany the vibrate. By default, the Pokemon Go Plus will only use PokeBalls to attempt to catch whatever is nearby. This means that if you see a yellow flash, it’s worth reactivating the application to catch whatever is there. This way you can use Razzberry and/or more powerful PokeBalls to ensure you successfully make the capture. It’s also worth noting that the device will never use anything but PokeBalls, so will no longer catch for you if you run out of them.

It’s important that your smartphone remains in the vicinity of the Pokemon Go Plus for it to work successfully. Pokemon Go Plus was designed by Nintendo to be worn on the wrist, on a belt, in a pocket or it can also be clipped onto a shirt. This means you can still become a Pokemon master without donating your entire life to staring at your smartphone.

Interestingly, if a Pokemon escapes your ball and flees, you can still expect to receive 25 XP when using Pokemon Go Plus.


What are the Pokemon Go Plus system requirements?pokemon go phone

To play the game on your device, you need to have at least version 4.3 Android or an Apple device on iOS 8.

For communication, you need Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS technology.  Here is the compatibility information from Nintendo.com


Problems with the release of Pokemon Go Plus

Naturally, the announcement of a Pokemon Go Plus excited many. It’s a very well designed gadget that tackles one of the more annoying facets of the game. This has ensured that it’s release has been highly anticipated. There would be no more running around for miles clutching your open phone, draining its battery on marathon hunting missions. The convenience alone made it worth the cash and the wait.

It was initially due for release at the end of July 2016 and it was available for pre-order even earlier. Many were disappointed that it was not ready when the game itself was released. It was barely up for pre-order when it was listed as unavailable on many online sites. Some Ebay sellers took advantage of this and it wasn’t long before the bids reached over $200.00, well above the regular price of $34.99. Unfortunately, scammers also noticed the opportunity for a quick buck. Suddenly the market began to fill with adverts for the Pokemon Go Plus for sale. They then guided less vigilant players to insecure websites where they would be vulnerable to having their card details stolen.


But it’s finally here!

History lesson aside, the Pokemon Go Plus is now out for general sale. You can pick it up from Amazon for around $35 which might seem a little pricey but if you’ve spent a huge amount of time already playing this summer, it’s not a massive investment. Especially when you consider the average price of video games these days!


Here is an unboxing video of a Pokemon Go Plus system that talks users through the basic setup of the device.

I have a feeling this will be on many people’s list for holiday presents this year.


Update 10/17/16

Niantic just released this press announcement:

The Pokémon GO Plus Got Even Better

Trainers who search for Pokémon in the real world using the Pokémon GO Plus accessory can now select one of multiple notification modes. Scanning for both PokéStops or Pokémon simultaneously still remains the default setting if you want to try to catch as many Pokémon and collect as many Poké Balls as possible. However, you can also individually enable or disable each of these notifications based on your preference. In addition, when you are out with your Buddy Pokémon you can choose to not receive notifications, and just record the distance of your walks. Lastly, the Pokémon GO Plus accessory will remain paired with the Pokémon GO app if you choose to use the app while interacting with Pokémon or Gyms.







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