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Since its launch early in the summer of 2016, Pokemon Go has captured the imagination of many. The augmented reality game sees players leaving their traditional gaming habitat, the couch or computer chair, and getting out to explore real-world locations in the hunt for new Pokemon. Of course, not all Pokemon are equal and some are considerably more useful to have in your team than others.

pokemon go monsters

With around seven hundred and forty different species of Pokemon in the entire Pokemon universe (one hundred and fifty-one of which feature in Pokemon Go), there is a considerable amount of diversity between the fictional creatures. However, trainers are not yet able to catch them all, although at one point all of the original Pokemon will be available.

Just as in the series and the earlier Game Boy classics, some Pokemon Go Pokemon are extremely rare and hard to find.


Below is a guide to the different monsters in the new game, for those unfamiliar with the Pokemon franchise.

Different species of Pokemon Go monsters


There are many  different ‘types’ of Pokemon and several species for each type. Some Pokemon can be classified within multiple types. Each type has different strengths and weaknesses when in battle.


 The types of Pokemon you are able to catch are:



Strong against: None

Weak against: Fighting

Examples of species: Rattata, Raticate, Meowth, Lickitung, Chansey, Tauros and Ditto


charmander pokemon go


Strong against: Steel, Bug, Ice and Grass

Weak against: Rock, Water and Ground

Examples of species: Charmander, Charizard, Magma and Moltres



Strong against: Normal, Ice, Rock, Dark and Steel

Weak against: Flying, Psychic and Fairy

Examples of species: Mankey, Machoke and  Hitmonlee



Strong against: Fire, Ground and Rock

Weak against: Electric and Grass

Examples of species: Squirtle, Blastoise, Psyduck and Polywhirl



Strong against: Grass, Fighting and Bug

Weak against: Electric, Ice and Rock

Examples include: Pidgey, Spearow, Fearow and Pidgeot.



Strong against: Water, Ground and Rock

Weak against: Fire, Ice, Poison, Flying and Bug

Examples of species: Tangela, Bulbsaur and Weepinbell


Poison:pokemon go monsters

Strong against: Grass and Fairy

Weak against: Ground and Psychic

Examples of species: Arbok, Ekans, Grimer and Muk



Strong against: Water and Flying

Weak against: Ground

Examples of species: Pikachi, Raichu, Voltorb and Magnemite



Strong against: Fire, Electric, Poison, Rock and Steel

Weak against: Water, Grass and Ice

Examples of species: Sandslash and Diglet



Strong against: Fighting and Poison

Weak against: Fire, Flying and Rock

Examples of species: Abra, Kadabra, Drowsee and Hypno.


Rock:pokemon go monsters

Strong against: Fire, Ice, Flying and Bug

Weak against: Water, Grass, Fighting, Ground and Steel

Examples of species: Onix, Geodude, Golem and Rhydon



Strong against: Grass, Ground, Flying and Dragon

Weak against: Fire, Fighting, Rock and Steel

Examples of species: Lapras, Dewgong and Articuno



Strong against: Grass, Psychic and Dark

Weak against: Fire, Flying and Rock

Examples of species: Caterpie, Pinsir and Weedle



Strong against: Dragon

Weak against: Ice, Dragon and Fairy

Examples of species: Dratini, Dragonair and Dragonite



Strong against: Psychic and Ghost

Weak against: Ghost and Dark

Examples include: Haunter, Gengar and Gastly



Strong against: Psychic and Ghost

Weak Against: Fighting, Bug and Fairy

Examples of species: Gyarados



Strong against: Ice, Rock and Fairy

Weak against: Fire, Water, Electric and Steel

Examples of species: Sandshrew, Sandslash and Magneton


pokemon go monsters


Strong against: Fighting, Dragon and Dark

Weak against: Poison and Steel

Examples of species: Clefairy, Mr Mime and Clefable


Certain monsters will only appear  in habitats that match their type. For example, you are much more likely to find fire-types near the beach or in hotter countries, whereas water-type Pokemon can be spotted near lakes and rivers.

Here is some analysis on how and where Pokemon spawn in Pokemon Go:


Please note: The types mentioned have many more species than those named. Here is a list of the original one hundred and fifty-one Pokemon Go monsters rated.



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