Pokemon Go Microsoft Download: Install On Microsoft Phones Like Nokia Lumia

Pokémon Go is the latest must-have app for Android and iOS users. Unfortunately, those wishing to play on their Windows Phone devices might feel somewhat left out. While many people are happily progressing through the augmented reality smash-hit, Windows phone users are quickly becoming alienated. The rising frustration among those without an appropriate device to enjoy the game has led potential players to petition Niantic, urging them to release the game on Windows smartphones.pokemon go microsoft download

The company has not responded to any pleas as of yet, and it seems an official release is unlikely in the near future. However, all hope isn’t lost because you can still play the game on Windows using a third-party app called PoGo-UWP.


What exactly is the PoGo App?

The app was released by a developer named Kaankehh who decided to respond the pleas of countless Microsoft Windows phone users. Game & Guide recently reported that the thousands signing the official petition was the impetus for the app’s creation. However, Niantic recently updated Pokémon Go blocking players using PoGo from connecting to their servers.PoGo App

Luckily, Kaankehh posted in their private blog that they are now working on an update that will override Niantic’s. This means that people will once again be able to play the game on their Windows Phone.


Changes Introduced in the Update

As promised, the new PoGo update brought in many changes to make the gameplay experience hassle-free. Some changes you will notice in Pokémon Go now are:

  • Capture page has been changed allowing users to flick the Poké Ball to make a throw
  • There’s a new profile page showing achievements
  • A new detail Page where you can see your Pokémon stats, power up, and also evolve Pokémon
  • Added various language options
  • Added Google login
  • User Inference has been improved
  • Added separate inventory for Pokémon and eggs
  • Added device spoofing to make your Windows phone compatible with the application

While there are still known issues, most of the problems have now been solved.


How to Play the Game Using PoGo?

  • Create a Pokémon Trainer Club account from Niantic’s official website.pokemon go microsoft download
  • Login through an iOS or Android client; using Bluestacks or Android emulator is optional.
  • Once you’ve logged in, select a starter Pokémon with the official client.
  • Log out of the official app and go to the ‘Settings’ menu.
  • Download the free PoGo-UWP app from GitHub.com to a PC connected to the same network as the Windows Phone.
  • Enable ‘Device Portal’ on your mobile device by going into the its settings and enabling ‘Developer Mode’ and ‘Device Discovery.’
  • To access the files from your PC, visit the bottom of your ‘Settings’ menu and you’ll see an IP address. Go to this IP address through a web browser on your PC.
  • Keep your phone paired to the web browser session to receive a code input.
  • Add the file “PokémonGo-UWP_1.0.3.0_ARM_Debug” under ‘Install App’ section; then select ‘Add Package’.
  • Click on the ‘GO’ prompt located beneath ‘Deploy’. Wait for the app to install.
  • Launch the executable file ‘PoGo-UWP’, log in to your account, and start playing.



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