Pokemon Go Mewtwo: Complete Guide

What is Pokemon Go Mewtwo?

Mewtwo is a character from the smash-hit entertainment franchise Pokemon. It first appeared in Nintendo’s video game titles, Pokemon Red and Blue and in many later sequels. You’ll also find the character present in various spin-off titles, merchandise, and the animated series of Pokemon.pokemon go mewtwo

Mewtwo is classified as a legendary-type Pokemon and was created using another Pokemon’s (Mew) DNA. It is a bipedal (walks on two legs) feline type creature with a gray body, long purple tail, short horns and purple eyes. There is a tube extending from the back of its skull all the way to the spine and its chest and shoulders resemble an artificial breastplate. This combines to give Mewtwo a robotic look.

The character was given a British voice for the film Mewtwo Strikes Back and Jay Goede’s musical – Pokémon Live. In Mewtwo Returns, Dan Green played the character while actress Miriam Pultro lent her voice for Legend Awakened and Genesect. Mewtwo is definitely one of the most iconic characters of the franchise and continues to excite fans with its mysterious characteristics.

How Rare is it?

According to Mewtwo’s origin story, it is a product of a horrific gene splicing and DNA engineering experiment, performed on another legendary Pokemon, Mew. pokemon go mewtwoThis Pokemon is highly valued and is said to have combat power that just cannot be matched. It lacks compassion and can instantly strike fear into the heart of its enemies with its fierce, expressionless eyes.

Mewtwo is an extremely hard Pokemon to catch as it was engineered to be a powerful battling force. Some of its fighting attributes include the powers of telepathy, levitation, and mind control. Like in other media instances, the character is rare in Pokemon Go and is a prized possession for anyone lucky enough to possess it. There are a total of 151 original creatures in Pokémon Go and Mewtwo is Pokedex entry number 151. Of all of these Pokemon, Mewtwo is considered, by many, to be rarest.

How Hard is It to Catch?

Mewtwo first made an appearance in one of the first trailers for Pokemon Go. The trailer showed people gathering in Times Square to capture Pokemon together. This footage, has led players to speculate that Mewtwo may appear at a Pokemon Go public event. However, there are still no reports of anyone having captured this mysterious creature.

A popular YouTube star, NesstendoYT has found that all the legendary Pokémon are present in the game files. This means they are going to be released sooner or later. When, however, is anyone’s guess.

Why Do People Want It?

People want to catch Mewtwo because of its rarity and its potential combat strength. There are very few characters in the franchise that are as powerful as this scientifically created beast and it will certainly give trainers possessing it an edge in battle. Not only this but there will naturally be a certain sense of pride associated with catching any legendary Pokemon.

The original Pokemon Go introductory video shows a group of people battling and catching Mewto together in a big square:

pokemon go mewtwo

Legendary Pokemon in the game

According to some Reddit users, there is now one legendary Pokemon available in the game. Someone from Ohio posted a screenshot and video of them having caught Articuno, creating a buzz of interest among fans. This news emerged after some players revealed that they managed to access the in-game the files and saw Articuno listed.

However, the player, ‘Kaitcovey’, said that she did not capture Articuno in the regular way. She claims that Niantic gifted her the Pokemon after she got in touch with the creators over some issues within the game. Even though the authenticity of these reports still remains unconfirmed, they have certainly added yet more excitement and speculation to the game.Legendary Pokémon in the game

One thing is for certain, we will be getting a lot more reports of legendary type Pokémon appearing sooner or later. So, just keep on playing the game and hopefully you’ll get your hands on a Mewtwo eventually.


Happy hunting!


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