Pokemon Go Medals: What You Need To Know

Pokemon Go medals

As well as the objective to ‘catch ’em all’, Pokemon Go features a set of achievements referred to as Pokemon Go medals. This article focuses on these awards and will cover their significance as you can start to collect them.

Niantic Labs released Pokemon Go early in the summer of 2016 to great anticipation. Pokemon Go MedalsIn fact, after its release, the hype continued to grow into what is now a huge phenomenon.

Younger gamers might be just discovering Pokemon for the first time, while older gamers are reliving their youth. In either case, the game is a simple one to grasp; players are required to catch as many Pokemon as possible. The best part is that all this takes place in the real world. Players get to enjoy the thrill of exploring new places while hunting down different Pokemon, gyms and PokeStops, all close to their real-life location.

The adventure requires trainers to hunt in a Pokemon’s natural habitat. Niantic have managed to simultaneously grab the attention of several generations of gamers and has them leaving the comfort of their own home to explore their towns and cities. However, along with catching as many Pokemon as possible, the game also rewards trainers with medals for completing certain achievements.


Pokemon Go Medals: What are they?

There are many different medals in Pokemon Go and they are rewarded for completing various tasks. Each medal has three levels of award: a gold, silver and bronze. While many of the medals have been awarded to different gamers, some of the higher level ones remain a mystery. This is because the game is so new that no players have been awarded them and as such there is no information on them.


Pokemon GO Medals

Unlocking Pokemon medals

As alluded to, there is no complete list of Pokemon Medal requirements. The requirements are only revealed after you have completed the task that the medal is awarded for. While collecting medals can be a fun way of tracking your progress through the game, it is worth remembering that there are no actual benefits associated with the medals. However, if you and all your friends are playing the game then comparing your medals with those of your buddies can be a great way to introduce some competition between your group. The bragging rights will be huge if you are rewarded with all the medals in the game!

Just like with most other platforms that provide achievements, they are designed to give you goals during the game and as a means to showcase your prowess. You can, however, enjoy Pokemon Go game without focusing on the medals and this will not harm your experience in any way.


Checking your Pokemon medal progress

To check where you are up to on your medal journey, simply tap on the character icon placed in the bottom left corner of the main game screen. Once your avatar pop-ups, swipe upwards to see all medals and your progress towards them. The list is automatically updated as you progress through the game allowing you to see how close you are to realizing your targets. Players can refer to the meter surrounding each medal to check their progress towards the achievement in question.


We’ve listed some of the most common medals below:



Task – walk a given distance

  • 10km for Bronze medal
  • 100km for Silver medal
  • 1000km for Gold medal

See our Pokemon Go conversions page to see what these are in miles and feet.


Task – Register Pokemon in Pokedex

  • 20 for Bronze medal
  • 50 for Silver medal
  • 100 for Gold medal


Task – Capture Pokemon

  • 30 for Bronze medal
  • 50 for Silver medal
  • 2000 for Gold medal


Task – Evolve a Pokemon

  • 3 for Bronze medal
  • 20 for Silver medal
  • 200 for Gold medal


Task- Hatch  PokeEggsPokegg hatching

  • 10 for Bronze medal
  • 100 for silver medal
  • 1000 for Gold medal



Task – Visit PokeStops

  • 100 for Bronze medal
  • 1000 for Silver medal
  • 10000 for Gold medal



Task – Capture? Rattata weighing?

  • 3 for Bronze medal
  • 50 for Silver medal
  • Gold Medal : Unknown


Battle Girl

Task – Win Pokemon Go Gym Battles

  • 10 for Bronze medal
  • 100 for Silver medal
  • 1000 for Gold medal


Ace Trainer

Task – Train at your PokeGym

  • 10 for Bronze
  • 100 for Silver Medal
  • 1000 for Gold Medal



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