Pokemon Go Masterball: Does It Exist?

By the time you reach a certain level in Pokemon go you have access to different kind of Pokeballs, Regular, Great and Ultra, but there exists another ball which has the whole world in a frenzy. It is called the “Master Ball”. pokemon go masterballThis classic Pokeball was supposedly not incorporated the game’s database. But recently a someone cracked into the game and was able to find out that the Pokemon Go Masterball does exist in the game.

The world continues to grow fond of the game, with Pokemon Go becoming one of the apps with highest downloads. People can be seen trotting about, phones in their hands, face buried in it. This excitement is due to the augmented reality game play which Pokemon Go offers, everyone wants to, and is trying their best, to become a great Pokemon master To do that for you have to catch powerful and rare Pokemon.


What are Pokemon Go MasterBalls?

Coming to the pokemon go masterball, this classic Pokeball is speculated to catch any pokemon go masterballwild Pokemon that it is thrown at. The pokemon go masterball is spherical in shape, like its other variants. The ball is divided into two hemispheres by a black band that has a small space for the button. The upper half is purple in color and the lower half is white, it is branded “M” on the front in the top half and there is a pink circle on both sides.

Where to find them

Most people thought that it was not even present in the game, but recently it has come to light that the master ball does exist. As the master ball has a 100% capture rate, regardless of the way you throw it. It surely is rare and you would have to be at a very high level to get it. As you cannot buy the master ball online , you have to get to a higher level to get them, use lucky eggs to increase both experience and level.

Why you want them

The master ball is the rarest and the best Pokeball available in the game. It guarantees the capture of any Pokemon, therefore this ball would the ultimate choice when you encounter legendary Pokemon like Mewto, Moltres, Zapdos, Articuno.

With such great abilities the master ball would certainly be the most badass weapon one can carry in the game.

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