Pokemon Go Lure Module: How To Use Them

Pokemon Go Lures

Pokemon Go is the latest craze to capture the imagination of the entire planet. It’s a novel take on both the classic role-playing game (RPG) format and the more recently popular mobile phone game. As in other forms of Pokemon media, players are encouraged to ‘catch ’em all’. This involves a lot of leg work and all that Pokemon hunting can be tiring. So, what if there was a way to bring additional Pokemon right to you? What if you could sit close to a PokeStop and just wait for exciting new creatures to appear? Well, this is indeed possible and the following article will explain exactly how. The item that enables this is the Pokemon Go Lure Module.


What is a Pokemon Go Lure Module?

Simply put, a Pokemon Go Lure Module is an in-game item that can be used to attract Pokemon. Unlike Incense (the game’s Pokemon Go Lure moduleother way of drawing Pokemon to your location) Lures can only be placed at PokeStops and will remain there for the thirty minutes that they are active. They appear on the map as a cascade of purple, confetti-like petals falling over a PokeStop. Lures are visible by all Pokemon trainers in the area and will often attract as many gamers as they will Pokemon to the area.


From the eye of the business man

From a businesses point of view, a Pokemon Go Lure Module can be a savvy way of attracting people to a given location. If you own a business and Google have been kind enough to make its site a PokeStop for whatever reason, it would be a wise investment to setup your own Pokemon Go game and stock up on Lures. That way you can deploy them throughout the day and reap the benefits of a constant stream of people visiting your shop. This is a great idea for businesses like newsagents, candy stores or cafes. In the case of cafes and coffee shops, why not consider laying on some power-supply options so you can not only recharge the gamers with refreshments but also their Pokedex at the same time.

Although Pokemon Lures are not free in the quantities necessary to have one perpetually deployed in a place of business, they are pretty cheap to buy. Stocking up on them and having your shop or business constantly under a purple cascade of petals will certainly be a profitable move as one extra customer per half hour will be sufficient to make the idea financially worthwhile.


How is a Lure placed?

Placing a Pokemon Go Lure Module really couldn’t be any simpler. Just follow the directions below when deploying one for the first time and enjoy the bounty of Pokemon that begin to appear in the area.

  • Approach the closest PokeStop to you and get within its perimeter circle.
  • Pokemon Go LuresTap the PokeStop to open its information screen.
  • Beneath the name and picture of the PokeStop will be a small, white, pill-shaped box. Tap it.
  • A popup will appear showing you which modules you can use at the PokeStop. If you have a Lure Module in your items, you will see it here.
  • Tap the Lure Module to deploy it. It will start showering pink and purple petals around the PokeStop. This means it was successfully deployed.
  • A player can only use one Pokemon Go Lure Module at a time on a PokeStop. If a PokeStop already has an active Lure then they must wait for it to expire before placing another.


How can gamers benefit from placing a Lure Module?

The first and most obvious way a gamer can benefit from placing a Pokemon Go Lure Module is by hanging around the PokeStop it was deployed at for thirty minutes and catching the Pokemon that spawn in its vicinity. Obviously, if you are considering deploying your Lure Module, it would be wise to ensure that you are well stocked up on PokeBalls beforehand. If you have to leave the vicinity of the PokeStop in order to collect more from other local PokeStops, then you are not maximizing the use of your Lure Module.

However, as we previously mentioned, businesses can also make use of the Pokemon Go Lure Module. The proprietor or owner of the company itself probably will have little interest in the game, besides the potential increase in revenue it could provide. They might, therefore, offer incentives to players who are able to set a Lure off for them.

For this reason, companies use the app LureSquad to advertise certain rewards and gifts to gamers. This provides an incentive to leave a Lure at a given location. The reward can be financial or maybe some free refreshments from the cafe or coffeeshop seeking to attract customers with the Lure Module. Whatever the trainer receives in exchange for the placement of a Lure is up to the business owner but if you are making a lot of extra profit from the idea, it’s nice to provide a decent reward to the person who enabled it for you.


How to find Pokemon Go Lure Modules

Besides the ones given at the start of the game, Lures can be acquired in one of two ways. The first way to get a Pokemon Go Lure Module is by leveling up. At various points during the game you will receive a Lure Module for reaching certain levels. These are levels: 8, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40.

The second method by which you can obtain Pokemon Go Lure Modules is by purchasing them from the store. There you will use the currency of the game, PokeCoins, to exchange for various items, including Lure Modules. There are two ways to receive PokeCoins in Pokemon Go. You can buy them using real money or receive them as a reward for successfully defending a gym in your possession.


Understanding how Lure Modules work and how to deploy them is of vital importance to the aspiring Pokemon master. A thorough comprehension of the above tips and hints will enable the player to fill their Pokedex faster. This will mean they can progress quickly through the levels and become the very best Pokemon trainer possible in the shortest amount of time.


Happy hunting!


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