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Pokemon Go is now the most popular game available for mobile. Gamers are required to leave their homes and walk around their town catching Pokemon. However, if you are constantly discovering unexciting Pokemon such as PPokemon Go Location Appsidgeys, Rattatas, Zubats and Drowzees, you are probably starting to feel a bit bored. You might be wondering where all the other creatures are be hiding and who doesn’t want to land on a Snorlax or Mewtwo?

Pokemon Go has attracted players of all ages and had been a download-chart hit since its debut. At one time, Pokemon Go had the highest Google searches; more than any other game. Players who immediately flocked to the game, zealously hunting down every Pokemon they spotted can be forgiven for feeling a little fed-up of seeing the same faces by now.

Half the fun of playing the Pokemon Go game is tracking down the exciting rare creatures we know and love from the TV and game series. Luckily, there is a solution to this problem, however, some refer to it as cheating. With the help of certain apps, finding Pokemon has become insanely easy. While the game continues to grow in popularity, there are now Pokemon Go location apps designed to help you track down the rarer creatures. Until now, catching a great team of Pokemon has been somewhat of a challenge. All of that is changing, however.


You can now make use of these apps to find the rare ones.

Update 7/30/16: Note that using these apps is against the TOS of the game. They may be terminated soon according to this article.

Update 8/1: These apps have been cut off by Niantic


Poke Radar app

The Poke Radar Pokemon GO location app is free for iOS users and designed to show you the Pokemon geo-tagged by other players. You can also make your contribution by adding the locations of where you found your Pokemon. However, one drawback with this app is that it does not show you the gyms or PokeStops.


PoGoMaps and Map for Pokemon

Android users can download the above apps for free on the Google Play Store. These Pokemon Go location apps are designed to help players track down the rarest Pokemon out there. Keep in mind that some of these apps do not receive regular updates. Since the game is based on geo-location, you will still have to leave the comfort of your home in order to track down the Pokemon.


pokemon go maps

Pokemon Go Maps Pro

This app is designed for iOS to show rare Pokemon, PokeStops, and gyms. However, the app designed by JK2Designs will cost you around $2.



The Verge claims that this is the best Pokemon Location App of all.


Do not cheat at Pokemon Go!

Unfortunately, some Pokemon Go players have now devised ways of spoofing GPS locations and catching Pokemon without leaving their home. To do this they use a program to fake their GPS location which makes their phone think that they are in a different area. Fortunately, the game developer is aware of these tricks and once discovered, the player’s account receives a “soft ban”.

A soft ban simply means that the player can locate the Pokemon, but will not be able to catch them using the PokeBall, claim a gym or even retrieve items from the PokeStops. However, this ban is usually lifted after some time. In case a player decides to cheat again and is caught, severe consequences are extended to them as a way of discouraging the cheating behavior.


Cheaters never prosper!

pokemon go map

Before using any of the listed apps, it is important that you understand that the information provided may not always be up to date and therefore not accurate. It is still too early to point up which apps are the best when it comes to finding these little virtual creatures.

An iOS app dubbed Location Faker is one of the tools used to cheat the Pokemon Go game. Pokemon Go Location AppsAccording to a recent post by Forbes, this app can be used to set your location to any part of the globe and save it as a favorite. Users can then switch from one location to another with ease. With Location Faker, getting to a precise location on parks and roads is easy. All you have to do is zoom right in and drop a pin at a preferred landmark.

However, there is a catch – you must jailbreak your iOS phone to install Location Faker app. Most Gamers are not willing to jailbreak their high-priced phones due to the risks involved.


PLEASE NOTE: This website does not advocate cheating at Pokemon Go. The real fun in the game is going out into the real world and finding the Pokemon. Cheating your GPS means you are missing out on the real enjoyment to be had from playing. To repeat an old phrase, you’re only cheating yourself!



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