Pokemon Go Lapras Guide

In Pokemon Go, Lapras is a much sought-after Pokemon. It is considered pokemon go lapras guideto be among the strongest in the game.  Therefore, only the luckiest Pokemon trainers are able to catch or hatch Lapras, due to its extreme rarity.

So, if you’re heart is set on training a Pokemon Go Lapras read our quick and easy guide below.

What is a Lapras?

A Pokemon Go Lapras is a Water/Ice-type Pokemon. It has four powerful flippers and a prominent horn in the middle of its head. It’s peaceful, smiling face sits atop a long, bluish neck leading to a large heavy shell on its back. Though it is physically imposing in size, Lapras is actually quite friendly and has a very gentle demeanor.

Lapras takes well to people, and as such, is often seen ferrying riders around on its back through water. In Pokemon lore, however, hunters have taken advantage of Lapras’s gentleness and have hunted it almost to extinction. It is extremely intelligent though, and has actually shown signs of being able to understand human speech.

In the anime show, Lapras’s tremendous brain power is such that it is able to develop its psychic skills. This allows it to use similar attack to other psychic-type Pokemon such as Abra, Jynx, and Drowzee.

Why Do People Want Lapras So Much? And Why Is It So Rare?

Lapras is a first generation Pokemon. pokemon go lapras guideIt’s among the first 150 Pokemon that were included in the first couple of Game Boy games (Red, Blue and Yellow). This makes it an exciting Pokemon for millennials who grew up chucking Poke Balls on their Game Boys. Therefore, nostalgia can play a role in explaining the love of Pokemon Go Lapras.

In the first generation Pokemon games, Lapras is so rare in fact, that players only have one chance to get it. A Silph Co. employee will give the player a level 15 Lapras once he or she defeats Gary. The Pokemon Go Lapras differs, however, as you can catch it many times if you’re persistent enough.

However, owing to the toughness of catching one, it is very rare to see a trainer with multiple Pokemon Go Lapras.

Tips on How to Catch Lapras in Pokemon Go

A redditor managed to compile a list detailing the supposed rarity of Pokemon currently available on Pokemon Go. To give you an idea of how rare this Pokemon is, Lapras is listed as “Mythical,” along with Snorlax and Porygon.

However, a lot of people have already reported that they did manage to capture a Lapras in the wild. These Lapras trainers claim to have found it hanging around near bodies of water (rivers, lakes, and beaches). They also attest to finding Lapras in places that are commonly associated with water, such as piers. Though it’s not a hard and fast rule, Pokemon in Pokemon Go often spawn near locations that are associated with their “type”.

For example, fire-type Pokemon like Charmander, Growlithe, pokemon go lapras guideand Magmar are known to spawn in warmer places, like the beach or in an open field. Bug and Grass-type Pokemon can be found in grassy areas. They are also found in places where there is a lot of foliage like nature reserves, parks, forests, golf courses, and farms. Normal-type Pokemon can be found anywhere.

This is not just mere hearsay, the guys from The Silph Road YouTube channel conducted a study and found that 76 percent of all Pokemon that spawn near riverbanks are Water-type.

So, if you want a Lapras, you’d better head over to the nearest body of water nearby and start tracking! There’s a much larger chance that it will spawn there.

But there’s another way to catch Lapras if you don’t want to spend too much time hanging around and waiting for one to spawn on a riverbank. Some Pokemon Go players managed to find success in hatching a Lapras from a 10 km egg. This method is best if you don’t live near a body of water.


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