Pokemon Go Insurance: What Is It?

Pokemon Go insurance?

Pokemon Go has really captured the world’s imagination like few other games in the past. Even the insurance industry is trying to cash in on the newest mobile gaming sensation. Already, a few insurance companies have introduced policies targeting Pokemon Go players.

Pokemon Go Insurance
Pokemon Go is a mobile based game that allows players to hunt for Pokemon in real world locations. Since its launch it seems to have become a global phenomenon overnight. The game even received more visits than Twitter within its opening days. However, with such popularity there have understandably been some unintended consequences. These have included Pokemon Go Accidents, injuries, and damage of property due to distracted users. There is a Pokemon Go insurance policy for such incidents, but it currently only exists in Russia.

Even if Pokemon Go is unknown to you, chances are you have seen it in action. Gamers can often be witnessed wandering the streets with eyes fixed on their hand-held devices, hoping to ‘catch ’em all’. Pokemon Go players are enjoying the new game in a variety of outdoor locations, seeing cities in a new light and getting plenty of exercise. Unfortunately, with your eyes glued to a phone, you are considerably more likely to walk into objects such as signposts, trenches or roads.

It is obviously a good thing that people can enjoy the outdoors while exercising on the new app. However, it is critical that gamers are aware of their surroundings and always make sure they are protected from risk. There are a number of different insurance options that players can consider if they are serious about their hunt:


Homeowner and renters insurance

While you’re out there hunting down those seemingly elusive creatures, you should guarantee that your property is fully covered. Homeowner and Renters insuranceAlternatively, if someone snatches your phone and runs off with it, you will be glad of a policy that covers items taken outside of the home. Unfortunately, the cover will not reimburse for any loss of Pokemon!

If you happen to trample on somebody’s lawn while in hot pursuit of a rare Pokemon, or if a Pokemon Go player gets injured on your property and sues you, homeowner and renter policies will cover for any damages you are likely to incur.

You might be interested in creating an inventory of the actual possessions in your home. This will make filing a claim much easier should the unfortunate happen.


Motor vehicle related incidents

If you’re hit by a car while hunting Pokemon, you can file a claim against the driver’s liability insurance policy. This will, of course, depend on whose fault the accident is. Pokemon Go InsuranceAlmost every state demands that a vehicle’s owner carry with them liability insurance which also covers personal injuries to third parties. If you do get hit by a car while playing Pokemon Go, make sure to contact a good personal injury attorney to protect your rights.


Identity theft and cyber crime

Signing into an application using your Google sign-in information can present some problems. With payment methods attached to Google accounts, they can be quite lucrative targets for cyber-criminals. If a hacker is able to get your details then an insurance policy covering identity theft will come in handy. With this cover, you are reimbursed for the total costs incurred relating to identity theft, repairing your credit reports and any other related expenses.


What about my kids?

Insurance claims for children are not straightforward. It’s therefore important that you check first that the insurance policy you want to apply for covers your little ones too. Playing Pokemon Go does not in any way invalidate a policy. Instead, all terms still apply as far as not being careless with the device. If your kids are enjoying the game, you should make sure that the cover also extends to the phone while in the possession of your children. Keep in mind that most policies will differ on this.

For instance, if a policy covers the use of handset by a family, it may do so with age limits. A policy may only cover relations aged sixteen and above, whereas others may cover dependents aged up to nineteen. If you are yet to get a mobile insurance cover, you can, however, claim under the home insurance if you already have a personal possessions cover.



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