How Do You Battle In The Pokemon Go Gyms?

 What are Pokemon Go Gyms?

Pokemon Go’s popularity grows with every new dawn. If you’ve decided to jump on the bandwagon and want to experience the latest mobile gaming sensation first-hand then hopefully this guide will be of some use to you.


Getting started

To start with, you need to get to level 5 to access the gyms. Attempted to access a gym before this will result in a message informed you to return when you have some more experience. Once you get to level 5, choose a gym within your range of view and using the onscreen prompts, choose one of the three teams provided. There’s more information on this below but if you are still struggling then check out the linked guide to help you to make your decision.


pokemon go gym

How to select which team to join in Pokemon Go

When selecting your team, keep in mind the number of people who will be around you for backup. If you intend to play in a group with your friends, pick the same team so you can have each other’s back at the local gyms. On the other hand, if one team dominates your area, you can opt to help strengthen the winning side or to back up the one in need of a little more push. Ultimately though, the choice is yours.


Pokemon Go gyms anatomy

If you’re just starting out with battling, chances are most of the local gyms in your areas will already be taken. The color of the gym indicates the team holding it. The number of platforms beneath the gym is an indication of the gym’s prestige points and the Pokémon that protect it. Level 1-3 will have two platforms below them while the level 4-5 gains feature 3 platforms.

Tap a gym to select it. You will then be presented with more details about that particular gym. The first Pokémon you encounter will be the weakest in the gym. You can swipe your way through the gym to the leader who is assigned based on which player has the most powerful Pokémon at the gym. The open circle adjacent to the crown depicts an empty slot where you can add your Pokémon, if the gym happens to be a friendly one.


Friendly Gyms

If you land on a friendly gym (represented by the gym being decorated with your own team colors), you will be presented with a little punching glove icon that launches the training mode. Providing that the gym has room for additional Pokémon, you will be see another icon at the bottom left corner. If you are at an enemy gym, an icon will pop up in the bottom right featuring two clashing PokeBalls indicate a battle for control of the gym.


Prestige Points, Health and Pokemon Go Gymspokemon go gyms

This screen will also feature a little health bar placed adjacent to the picture of the gym coupled with  a set of numbers showing the 200/4000 which shows the prestige points. Prestige can be compared to HP which, of course, should never reach zero. When prestige does reach zero, the team holding the gym is overthrown and the gym can then be claimed by the winning team.

Once your points get to 4000, the level of that particular gym goes up and a new slot for an extra Pokémon opens up. The Pokémon is automatically stored in order of Combat Points within the gym. The highest CP Pokémon is always the leader.


Attacking rival gyms

To own a gym, you must claim it first. If you have several gyms to choose from, go after the one with the lowest prestige. Those with high prestige usually have more people around them continuously improving their points to ward off any attacks.

You will be required to be within a gym’s range in order to challenge it. To attack a rival’s gym, start by pressing the challenge button. The game will then select your best six Pokemon to join you in battle. You will be required to fight each Pokemon in the rival gym’s roster one by one. It is therefore important to ensure your Pokemon team is at full health before battling, to have any realistic chance of winning.

To claim a gym, you must station one of your Pokemon there. It is probably not a good idea to leave your best fighter there but it is certainly worthwhile to guard your new gym with a pokemon go gym screenshotstrong Pokemon. Any team that wants to take the gym for themselves will be required to challenge the Pokemon you select.

comes will be required to take on your Pokemon if they want to take the gym for their own themselves.


How do you battle in the Pokemon Go gyms?

To battle an opposing team you must rapidly tap the opposing Pokemon on the screen to perform attacks. You can also swipe left and right with your finger (see video) to dodge the attack of the opposing Pokemon. Watch the health bar of both Pokemon to see who is winning. The bar will turn from green to red as either Pokemon comes closer to fainting. If your Pokemon faints before the opposing one, the next weakest Pokemon will pop up to battle for you. This continues until you defeat the rival Pokemon or all of your six Pokemon are beaten.  If there is more than one rival Pokemon at a gym, you will have to beat all of them reduce its prestige.

To battle your own team, the same thing happens only it is one on one fighting. This means your whole team does not get involved, just your strongest Pokemon currently available.

The application fights automatically for the Pokemon that is defending the gym. If you successfully defeat a gym, you can leave whichever Pokemon you choose there and the computer will defend it. If you can remain stationed at a gym for twenty-four hours you will get free PokeCoins. These can be used to buy Pokemon Go Incubators. Incubators are your best investment if you want to hatch a lot of eggs in search of rare Pokemon.

Here is a chart of gym defender tiers from

Tier 1 are the best Pokemon to defend a gym with. They will give you the greatest chance of getting free PokeCoins.


pokemon go gym defender tiers

What to do after a Pokemon gym battle

After an attack you need to use Revives and Potions to heal your Pokemon. Tap the PokeBall icon, the backpack icon and then select revive and potion to see which Pokemon require healing. Tap the sick Pokemon to restore their Health Points (HP). The bar underneath them will fill up and turn green when they are better and ready to fight again.


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