Pokemon Go Guide For Beginners

Nintendo’s new mobile game Pokemon Go is rapidly increasing in popularity and every newbie could use the help of a Pokemon Go guide for beginners. In this guide we’re going to go through every step you need to take to successfully download and start playing the game.

The design alone personifies what exactly it does, mixing a game with reality. It is not necessary to have the device in order to play the game but it is much more convenient than doing long distances with your phone in your hand all the time.

Pokemon Go comes as the second installment of Nintendo’s mobile gaming series. The first was called Ingress and it was released in 2014. The game required the player to actually move in real-life while being located using GPS to execute missions and collect new items. Pokemon Go is taking on an almost identical approach.

To get the best out of Pokemon Go, before starting you may need to make sure the mobile phone you’re going to use comes with an augmented reality chip built-in. This piece of hardware allows you to see Pokemons placed on real-life objects through your camera lens. Although, if you don’t have this feature available, downloading pokemon go screenyou can still play the game while augmented reality is turned off.

Before we start our step-by-step guide, we’re going to list few facts that you should know first about the game:

Pokemon Go is available only on Android and iOS-powered mobile phones/tablets. Pokemon Go was officially launched on the 5th of July 2015 so the game is still in its beta phase.

Despite being made available for only few countries, the mobile game racked up more than 10 million downloads on Google’s play store alone and the numbers are yet expected to increase. Below, we’re going to go through the steps to download and start playing the game.

Pokemon Go Guide: How to Download

If you are living in a country that has Pokemon Go, all you need to do is the following:sign up with google to start pokemon go

  • Visit the App Store on iPhone or Google’s Play Store on an Android-powered phone.
  • You can download the Android Version of Pokemon Go for free hereYou can download the Apple Version of Pokemon go for free here
  • Type Pokemon Go’ in the search box, choose the first result, and hit download.
  • If you live in other countries from the rest of the world, you will need to do the following: Create a new email address and choose one of the aforementioned countries as your own. Log in Google’s Play Store or iPhone’s App Store with the new email address.
  • The Pokemon Go Plus is worn (as an option) and informs the wearer when a Pokémon is in the area.Download pokemon go
  • Type Pokemon Go’ in the search box, choose the first result, and hit download.

How to Start After Downloading the Game

You’ll need to sign up before you start playing, here’s how you can do it:Choose the Google Icon on the sign up screen. Enter your Google name and password, click sign up, and now you’re ready to go.

How to Play the Game

To understand how you can play the game, you’ll need first to learn about the objects you can see on the screen. Below, all the items you can see on your start screen are listed and explained.
Player Icon : Clicking on this icon anytime will display your achievements and your character’s information. The green bar below the icon shows how much experience you have gathered and how much you need to level up.
Backpack: Clicking on the backpack icon will show you every item you have collected and how many slots you have available.
Pokemon Here: Clicking on your Pokeball will show you all the Pokemons you have collected.

pokemon go opening
Nearby Pokemon: This icon shows the Pokemons available nearby.

Now that you understand all the objects displayed on your main screen, it’s time to catch your first Pokemon! Listed below are the steps you need to follow to catch your first Pokemon and every other Pokemon afterwards.

  • Once you start, you’ll find 3 Pokemons nearby. Once you click on one, the other two will disappear. To catch your first Pokemon, hold your finger on the Pokeball, slide it up, and aim inside the capture circle. A flicking motion works best.

one of 3 starting pokemon nearby

  • To catch other Pokemons, you will need first to reach a Pokecenter to pick up few Pokeballs.Walk in real life to walk in the game.pokemon-go-guide
  • Once you reach the Pokecenter, spin the picture and collect the Pokeballs.
  • To catch another Pokemon, click on the nearby Pokemon tool, choose a Pokemon, and the application will automatically track it and provide you with directions.
  • Follow the directions, click on the Pokemon once you see it, and repeat step number two to catch it.

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