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pokemon go fake gpsWARNING: Do not play Pokemon Go by any unfair means. It is supposed to be an enjoyable game that has captured many imaginations because of it’s integration of game-play and real world activity. It is not recommended to use any kind of software or tools or use any technique that would falsify your location. If caught of doing any of such things, then your account will be immediately terminated. Just because it is possible, does not mean you should attempt it. Think long and hard before committing to using Pokemon Go Fake GPS.

Proceed below to read how to fake your GPS location in Pokemon Go at your own risk.

What Is It?

Pokemon Fake GPS is a way of cheating at the game of Pokemon Go. The cheater will use an app, or computer running a mobile phone emulator to trick the Pokemon Go software into thinking they are somewhere else in the world. It basically bypasses the device’s own location services, replacing it with a spoofed one.

Can I Use Pokemon Go Fake GPS?

Probably. If you have an iphone or Android device, or a computer with internet access then you can. It’s really straight forward to do, you just might not be able to sleep at night afterwards. It is, after all, cheating. However, if you are adamant on spoiling it for yourself and everybody else, then below is exactly how to do it.

The rules do state that Pokemon Go Fake GPS is illegal in the game and punishments will be made against cheaters. You have been warned.


How To Use Pokemon Go Fake GPS For Mobile Phones

First off we’ll discuss the mobile phone versions, then the computer hack.

For mobile phone users, the first step is to get inside your phone to allow greater software access. This process is known as jailbreaking on iPhone devices and rooting for their Android counterparts. You can find instructions for both, below:


pokemon go fake gps

It’s easy to jailbreak iOS 9.3.3 on iPhone and it works very well on it. If you have iOS 9.3.4, then unfortunately it won’t work. Therefore, do not install iOS 9.3.4 on your iPhone. If you already have it, it should be easy enough to revert it back to an earlier operating system, however.

Like most dodgy bits of software, rooting works on almost every Android phone except some new models.

Rooting Your Android or Jailbreaking Your iPhone

iPhone Instrustions

  • First you will likely want to backup your device, in case anything goes wrong. Use the backup tool in settings to do this
  • Disable the passcode on your device
  • Enable ‘airplane mode’ in Control Center
  • Download a jailbreak tool such as ‘Pangu’
  • Open Pangu
  • Plug in your device to the computer
  • Select ‘Start’ and ‘Already Backup’ when Pangu recognizes your device
  • When prompted to return to airplane mode, select yes
  • Open Pangu on your phone when prompted and allow it access to your photographs
  • After your device reboots automatically, disable airplane mode
  • Your iPhone is now ready for the next step

Instructions for rooting Android devices:

  • Backup any data you might need should the process fail
  • Download .apk file called KingRoot. It will not be available from an app store, so use your browser to find it
  • Run KingRoot

More detailed instructions on both of these processes can be found by following the reference links at the bottom of this page if for any reason the above method fails.

Ensure the Device Remains Hidden

It is important that the rooting or jailbreaking remains hidden. This is because of the Pokemon Go rules regarding Fake GPS and cheating in general.

To hide your iPhone ‘tsProtector’ needs to be installed on it. It can be downloaded by searching for the necessary file and saving it to your device. There’s a small fee for the service.

‘Hide My Root’ can be downloaded from the GooglePlay store for Android users.

Here is more advice on hiding your root when playing Pokemon Go without moving.

Download and Install an App for Faking Your GPS Location

The next step is to download and install an app that can fake the GPS location pokemon go fake gpsof your Android or iPhone.
On the iPhone, ‘LocationFaker’ is the best app available right now. Search Youtube for tips and walk-throughs on installing LocationFaker.

‘Fake Location Spoofer Free’ is the Android equivalent and its installation should be straight forward. If you get stuck, however, Youtube has many tutorial videos, detailing exactly how the process is done.

Go Catch Em All

You’re all done. Now, simply turn off your location services, run your Fake GPS tool, find somewhere cool to visit (Central Park, New York is always a good one) and open up Pokemon Go.

Fake GPS for Windows PC

Another solution which is possibly more user friendly is by using an mobile phone emulator on your PC. To do this, download a program such as ‘Nox App Player’. Everything you need has already been done to Nox player and it is fully rooted, hidden and loaded up with a fake GPS system. All you need to do is install Pokemon Go and move around the map using the assigned directional keys (usually ‘w, a, s, d’ on your keyboard). You can redefine these later if you like.

Soft Bans

When spoofing your GPS location it’s important to not jump too far at a time (a few blocks is fine). If you jump many miles at once you will be soft banned as a first punishment. This freezes the activity of your account for up to an hour and stops features like Poke Stops from working. Don’t worry, after the hour, full service will resume and you’ll be able to resume your game.


So even if you can cheat and get away with it, the question next is “Why?”. Here is a good article about how a player found cheating less satisfying then playing the game the way it is intended.


Remember, this page is for informational purposes only. We do not condone cheating in any way and . If you are caught cheating then you will likely have your account terminated and your progress will be lost. We have warned you.

Anyway, what is the point in even playing the game if you aren’t willing to get outside and put in the leg work!

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