What Are Pokemon Go Experience Points (XP)?

Pokemon Go has taken the globe by storm and players have been frantically hunting all over the planet. However, ‘catching ’em all’ is just one of the objectives of the game. Along with the quest to collect new and exciting Pokemon, a trainer is also encouraged to battle at various real-world gyms in every town. As battling becomes a bigger concern to the player, so too does the strength of their character and their Pokemon.


Naturally, going into battle with a weak roster is not a strategy for success. So, just how does a player ensure that they hapokemon go experience pointsve access to the strongest team possible when they engage with other trainers at the local gym?

The obvious answer is by the player becoming stronger themselves. As a player’s level increases, they will start to notice that the combat power of the Pokemon they encounter in the wild also rises.

The player’s level is determined by how much XP they have gathered up to that point. This means that to level-up a player must engage in activities in the game on a regular basis. This will ensure a strong trainer and, by extension, a strong squad.


Earning XP and Leveling Up

Besides winning gym battles, other activities that earn a trainer more XP include capturing, evolving and hatching Pokemon.


List of Actions that Award XPpokemon-go-level-30

Capturing new Pokemon – 500 XP
Evolving Pokemon – 500 XP
Besting Pokemon at Gym – 150 XP
Hatching Pokemon – 200 XP
Excellent Throw – 100 XP
Visiting a Pokestop – 50 XP
Great Throw – 50 XP
Nice Throw – 10 XP
Curve Ball – 10 XP


Catching Pokemon and Perfecting Your Throw

Capturing Pokemon is a task which earns you a decent amount of XP. If the Pokemon caught happens to be a new entry in your Pokedex, then the reward will be even greater. The fact that there is a reasonable reward for capturing any Pokemon (including ones you have already caught previously) means the player is encouraged to attempt to catch everything that they encounter when moving around in the game.

Certain throws to capture wild Pokemon will earn a trainer additional XP. If a player is more accurate with their throw, they will receive bonus XP. Before releasing their PokeBall, players should ensure that the target Pokemon is within the shrinking ring at its smallest point. This makes it considerably more likely that they will be rewarded with a skillful throw bonus. As detailed above, each different throw earns the player a different number of XP. The ‘Curve Ball’ earns you a small XP bonus, whilst the ‘Excellent Throw’ earns players double the XP of a normal catch.


Evolving Your Pokemon

Evolving your Pokemon is equally as important as catching new ones in the wild. To evolve Pokemon, you need adequate supplies of candy. Candy is awarded to trainers for catching, hatching and transferring Pokemon. They can then use the candy to evolve their Evolving your PokemonPokemon.

As previously mentioned, evolving Pokemon is a good source of XP. However, this is not the only perk of evolution and trainers will soon realize how much more powerful their Pokemon become after they evolve.

It’s worth noting that evolution can take up a huge amount of candy so players are wise to select their Pokemon for evolution carefully. Pokemon with low combat power (CP) are weak fighters and should therefore be transferred, while those with higher CP are ideal candidates for evolution. This will ensure that you only create powerful Pokemon when they reach their most evolved form.


Using Incense, Lures and Lucky Eggs

You can use incense and lure modules to attract Pokemon to your location making them easier to catch. Obviously, this increases your chances of catching new varieties. Players can only use an incense for thirty minutes before it expires. When using an incense Pokemon will be drawn to your location making your likelihood of a successful hunt much greater.

Lure modules are similar to incense but can only be used at PokeStops. This boosts the frequency that Pokemon will appear within your area. To use the lure, you must remain within a PokeStop’s use-range (indicated by the ring surrounding the PokeStop). Unlike the incense, a lure module can be beneficial to all trainers in the area. City center PokeStops will often have a seemingly continuous lure module attached to them but this is, in fact, a series of Pokemon hunters attaching lures that the rest of the player field can utilize.

Although similarly titled, Lucky Eggs and Pokemon Eggs are very different items. Lucky eggs are consumable and double the XP of every action that a player takes during its influence. Lucky eggs are received when a player reaches a certain level, or they are purchasable from the store. It makes a lot of sense for a player to buy extra lucky eggs if they are planning on doing many tasks that reward an XP bonus. This way they can level-up their team in half the normal time.


Incubate and Hatch Pokemon Eggs for XP

Hatching a Pokemon Egg earns you a significant amount of XP. However, you will be required to walk for a certain distance to enjoy the benefits of the egg. While on the move, you must have placed an egg in one of your incubators. If the egg contains a rare Pokemon that you do not currently have, you will gain even more XP for your troubles. The app must be active while you cover the distance assigned to each egg. After hatching the egg, you not only earn more XP but also a new Pokemon.



Understanding XP is of vital importance to the aspiring Pokemon master. Ensuring you are clued in with all of this articles tips will give you the best chance of making it as an elite Pokemon trainer.


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