Pokemon Go Eggs: How Best To Use Them

Pokemon Go Eggs

The aim of Pokemon Go is to explore real world locations, armed with your smartphone, in order to collePokemon Go Eggsct digital creatures, known as Pokemon. There are a total of 151 of these adorable little beasts and players are encouraged to catch as many different varieties as possible. Consistent with the rest of the Pokemon universe (games and animated series), certain Pokemon are rarer than others. While new players might get excited by seeing a Pidgey or Rattata for the first time, the novelty quickly wears off and players are left wondering how to get their hands on some rarer Pokemon. Although different Pokemon often appear in different areas, some players will find it difficult to move too far from their home and will soon get tired of seeing the same creatures. One method that can yield some interesting Pokemon is by hatching eggs.

How Do Pokemon Go Eggs Work?

To begin with, you need to find an egg. These can be obtained at PokeStops or are given as a reward for reaching certain levels in the game. After you receive your first egg, you will notice that there is a distance in kilometers written beneath it. This denotes the distance you will have to travel in order to hatch the egg.

Pokemon Go Eggs come in the following distances: 2km, 5km, and 10km. Generally speaking, the longer the distance, the rarer the Pokemon you will receive. If you’re from the US and are struggling with the metric measurements, check out our page on distance conversions.

Once you have an egg, it will stay in your items until you put it in an incubator, initiating the hatching process. The game provides players with one incubator at the start of their quest. More can be picked up at the store in exchange for PokeCoins and are given as rewards as the player reaches certain levels.

How to Get a Pokemon EggHatching a rare Pokemon

Finding Pokemon Eggs is quite straightforward. Simply go to a PokeStop and spin the icon to reveal which items you will receive. The items rewarded are completely random, so players should persevere if they do not receive an egg immediately. Once you have nine eggs in your cache, you will be unable to collect more until you use the ones you already have.

Hatching Pokemon Eggs

To hatch eggs, follow the steps below:

  • To place your eggs in an incubator, load the Pokemon Go app and tap on PokeBall at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on Pokemon and the slide right to Eggs.
  • Tap on the Pokemon egg you want to incubate and a list of incubators will pop up.
  • Select an incubator for the process to begin.

In Pokemon Go, eggs will only hatch after the player has walked a certain distance. Pokemon Go EggsThis distance must be covered while the app is running. The app requires users to walk the distance denoted by the egg. Any distance traveled using a vehicle will not contribute towards the egg’s development. Therefore, users are not advised to rely on cars or trains in order to hatch eggs. There have, however, been reports suggesting that kilometers covered using a bicycle do, in fact, contribute to the hatching process. Once you have successfully covered the distance, your egg will hatch to reveal a new Pokemon, hopefully a rare one.

Which Pokemon Can You Expect From Eggs?

Although you cannot determine which Pokemon you will get from an egg, certain Pokemon are unique to each distance. The shorter the distance you have to cover, the higher the chance of hatching a common Pokemon. For rarer Pokemon, you will be required to walk a longer distance. Since the egg hatching process demands traveling, you should consider placing several eggs in incubators before you head out on any long missions. This may involve you buying some extras from the store.

Here are some statistics on which Pokemon you can expect from egg hatching.

Hatching a Rare Pokemon

As stated above, to hatch a rare Pokemon, you have to cover more distance. For example, if you walk 10km, you will be significantly more likely to get a rare Pokemon. Some rare Pokemon are among the most powerful characters in the Pokemon Go game. These include the highly sought after Lapras and Snorlax!

The above information has been provided to ensure that users understand the concept of Pokemon Go Eggs. Hopefully, if you were struggling to get your head around this aspect of the game, you are now a little more clued in. Pokemon Go Eggs are a great way to diversify you team of Pokemon and can yield some really cool monsters.


Happy hatching!


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