Pokemon Go Crashing In Android 4.4.2

Pokémon Go fever has gripped the planet and the app is now considered to be the most popular title for smartphones. This augmented reality game has been downloaded millions of times through the Google Play Store and iTunes, topping the charts at bothpokemon go crashing in android 4.4.2. While most players are happily hunting Pokémon in their area, there are many who haven’t been able to get the game to run properly.

Players with devices using Android 4.4.2 have reported that the game frequently crashes on start-up and there seems to be no obvious fix available. However, that’s not exactly the case because you can indeed solve this issue by following a few simple steps.

How to Fix Pokemon Go Crashing in Android 4.4.2 on Start-up?

Many Android users have experienced Pokémon Go crashing in android 4.4.2 on start-up or, in other instances, the Poké Ball spinning indefinitely. Unfortunately, the Poké Ball spinning error can’t be fixed because it means your device is trying to reach the servers. The appearance of a perpetually spinning Poké Ball signifies a server issue rather than one with the device itself.

However, instances of the app crashing on Android can be fixed by following these simple steps:

Uncheck ‘Don’t Keep Activities’

  • Go to the ‘Settings’ menu in your smartphone
  • Click the ‘Developers’ option
  • If ‘Developers’ option does not exist in the configuration, pokemon go crashing in android 4.4.2it means it hasn’t been activated yet
  • Activate ‘Developers’ option by going into ‘About Phone’ (through settings) and tap seven times on ‘Build Number’
  • Once you’ve enabled the ‘Developer’ option, it should appear in the settings
  • Go into ‘Developer Mode’ and find the setting called something like ‘don’t keep activities’
  • Uncheck the selection if it was checked and your Pokémon Go game will likely start up, issue free

Clear the App Cache

  • Go to your ‘Settings’ menu
  • Scroll to reach the ‘Apps’ section
  • Find the Pokémon Go app and click it
  • Tap ‘clear cache’ or ‘clear data,’ (possibly both)
  • Reboot Pokémon Go

These two methods have worked for many people and they no longer experience Pokémon Go crashing in android 4.4.2 on start-up. You can play around with the settings in confidence because there is no risk of causing any permanent changes to your device.

The Factory Reset Method

If the steps mentioned above did not solve your problem, pokemon go crashing in android 4.4.2then the factory reset method is worth trying out. However, users must do so at their own risk because resetting factory data means deleting your phone’s content. It is therefore advised that you back up your phone’s data before performing a factory reset. If you still struggling to connect using the above advice it’s worth giving it a shot.

  • Go to the ‘Settings’ menu
  • Under ‘Personal Data,’ you’ll find the ‘Backup & Reset’ setting
  • You may have to enter your PIN, pattern, or password depending on your individual settings
  • Tap on the ‘Backup & Reset’ option and follow the instructions on screen
  • Your device will confirm that you want to erase all data from your device’s internal memory
  • Touch ‘Erase Everything’ and wait for your phone or tablet to finish wiping the data
  • Select the option to reboot your device automatically
  • Once the reboot is complete, you see the ‘Welcome’ screen of your device as usual
  • Re-download Pokémon Go and sign-in to check it is now working correctly

Word of caution: a ‘Factory Reset’ should be only used when all other methods have failed. Even then, this approach does not guarantee that the game’s functionality will fully restore.

Users should note that Pokémon Go is still developing and Niantic has not yet released an official statement regarding fixpokemon go crashing in android 4.4.2es for the various issues affecting some users.

Ensure Your Device Meets the Minimum Specification Requirements

Remember, Pokémon Go does not guarantee complete optimization for tablets and currently only supports smartphones. You need to have Android version 4.4 KitKat or higher and minimum resolution support of 1280x 720 to play.

If your game is crashing, check the following specifications to see if your device meets the minimum requirements.

  • Your device has at least 2 GB of RAM and GPS capabilities
  • Your device can support internet connection and web access
  • Pokémon Go is not compatible with Intel Atom processors
  • The game will not run on devices without compatible operating systems

It’s always a good idea to clean the app cache and to optimize your registry settings regularly to ensure the game’s smooth performance. Pokémon Go is getting more popular everyday, and it’s about time you were able to join in on the fun.

If the solutions mentioned above did not solve the crashing issue, then we’ll have to wait for an official fix by Niantic.

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