How Do Pokemon Go Combat Points (CP) Work?

The following article is about Pokemon Go Combat Points in the new smash-hit game. Those familiar with the franchise will know that a prominent aspect of the world of Pokemon is battling. As the name suggests, Pokemon Go combat points refer to a Pokemon’s ability to perform during the all-important battle phase of the game. Below, aspiring trainers can find everything they need to know about Pokemon Go combat points.

Cut short, CP refers to a Pokemon’s ability to dish-out damage during battles. Those with a high CP are able to utilize devastatingly destructive moves during fights. This obviously increases their chances of being victorious.Pokemon Go Combat Points

Being able to defeat opponents in battle is an important aspect of the game. Players who defeat a gym enough times are able to occupy it for their team. They are then rewarded with Poke Coins for occupying the gym and defending it from attack. These Poke Coins can then be used to make purchases from the in-game store. This makes it of vital importance to have a team of high CP Pokemon at your disposal, to not only conquer new gyms but defend those that are already in your possession.

How are Pokemon Go Combat Points Calculated?

Combat Points are the measure of a Pokemon’s strength in battle against other trainers. TPokemon Go Combat Pointshis is simply a combination of a number of hidden statistics. Each Pokemon comes with a set of base stats for attack, defense and stamina and also a secret level number. These statistics are not available to view by the trainer but influence the overall CP rating assigned to each Pokemon.

The maximum potential CP of a trainer’s Pokemon depends on the trainer’s own level. For example it would not be possible to find a Pinsir with a CP rating of 1400 if the player has only reached level six.

It’s possible to increase a Pokemon’s CP by using the ‘power-up’ option when viewing Pokemon. However, there will come a point where the Pokemon cannot power-up any further until the trainer reaches a higher level. 

Whilst the player’s own level plays a part in the maximum CP a particular Pokemon can reach, so too does the species of Pokemon. For example, a level twenty player may catch a Dragonite with a huge maximum CP when compared to the maximum CP of a Persian or Pigeot.Pokemon Go Combat Points

You can use the white bar above the image of your Pokemon to gauge how far from it’s maximum potential CP it is. When you tap the Poke Ball at the bottom-center of the screen and select ‘Pokemon’ you’ll see the list of all Pokemon you are currently carrying. By clicking on an individual creature you can view some of it’s statistics, including current and maximum CP.

The combination of hidden stats previously mentioned determines its Combat Points. Of course, the higher the CP the better but does that mean you have to rush a Pokemon to it’s maximum CP as soon as you get it?

When Should You Power a Pokemon Up?

The process in which a player powers-up their Pokemon requires the use of a resource know as ‘stardust’. Stardust is only awarded to a player when they catch a Pokemon. This makes it one of the most valuable possessions to the aspiring Pokemon master. If you think logically about it, what is the point in catching a low level Pokemon and using a large quantity of stardust on it when you will be able to catch much stronger Pokemon in a couple of level’s time.

Optimum strategy with regards increasing your Pokemon’s CP is to not bother until you reach the later stages of the game. Once the leveling-up process begins to slow, then a player can consider increasing a Pokemon’s combat power using stardust. This is because it will be a much longer time before they are likely to encounter a stronger Pokemon in the wild.

Understanding how Pokemon Go Combat Points work is very important for understanding how to play the game optimally. Hopefully, by using the information contained in this article, you too will be able to make the best decisions with regards to your team.

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