Pokemon Go Charger Buying Guide

Pokemon Go takes mobile gaming to a whole new level. This addictive game has many players glued to their phones all day long. Unfortunately, regardless of the phone you are using, you can only enjoy the game for a few hours without constantly connecting to an external power-source.Pokemon Go Charger

The rate at which Pokemon Go drains power is unbelievable. With this extra demand, a strong backup battery or a power-bank will come in handy. But what is the best Pokemon Go charger currently available?

While no one actually makes a specific Pokemon Go charger, there are several generic solutions currently on the market. The best charging solution for you depends on the model of your phone and your intended usage. There are basically two types of batteries that the avid trainer might choose: highly portable battery cases designed for your specific phone model or a bulky backup battery. Currently prices are in the 10-90$ range.

Cell Phone Charger Features to Consider

There are multiple solutions for those wishing to extend the battery life of their device. The surefire way to enjoy hunting Pokemon for many hours is by investing in a portable battery or “cell phone power bank“. Since the launch of the app, mobile charging units have seen their sales go through the roof. According to The Verge, battery pack sales doubled within the first few weeks of Pokemon Go’s launch.

Pokemon Go requires gamers keep their phone’s screen, mobile data, processor and GPS active for hours. This makes it one of the more battery-intensive applications you can run on your phone. If you are yet to get a portable battery pack and you are eager to enjoy playing longer sessions and traveling greater distances in search of Pokemon, then now is the time. When picking your ideal Pokemon Go charger, you have many features to consider. These include its charging-time, ports and it’s portability. Fortunately, there are several solid Pokemon Go chargers that make charging your Pokedex quick and easy. This leaves you free to worry about trials and tribulations of becoming a Pokemon master.

Choosing a Pokemon Go Charger:

  1. Outputs: how many devices can it charge at one time? Obviously, you just need one for yourself but if you’re planning on hunting with friends, more might be preferable
  2. Capacity: measured in mAh. The higher the number the longer it will last between charges
  3. Weight: remember you will be carrying the unit with you. Unless you’re an olympic weightlifter, a lighter unit will be favorable.
  4. Charging time: how long it takes to charge a phone to the fullest
  5. Price: currently, prices range from about $10 to $90 brand new units
  6. Appearance: do you like its stylistic features? This is obviously personal preference and less important to some.

In my opinion, its best to worry less about the ports and the charging speed of the device, than its capacity, portability and price. Fortunately, there are several solid chargers available that will provide you with ample power as you ‘catch ’em all’.

The selection of portable chargers can be overwhelming. What sets one apart from the rest? What makes it the ultimate Pokemon Go Charger?

Size is an important factor to consider. A portable charger should be slim and compact enough to fit in your pocket. It should also feel comfortable in there, as users will likely want to do a lot of walking with their new charging solution. With this in mind, you should probably eliminate anything with a tube shape. Likewise, you should go for a portable charge with a build-in cable, given that you are highly likely to carry the charger with you. We’ve included several examples of our favorite Pokemon Go chargers below:

Pokemon Go Slim Pocket Chargermopower slim portable charger

pokemon go charger jackery mini

One charger charger we think is well suited for Pokemon Go gamers is the Jackery Mini charger. This handy little unit will get your iOS and Android devices fully charged simultaneously. Featuring 3350mAh of charging power. This portable charger will cost you about $12 on Amazon.com.

Another great solution is the MoPower sim charge. This charger will cost a similar price as the Jackery Mini but features 3000mAh of charging power.

Pokemon Go Rugged Chargerunifun rugged pokemon go charger

These portable chargers are ideal for those who enjoying camping, biking and catching Pokemon in more rural places
. Being waterproof and/or shockproof, these models are perfect for the more active Pokemon trainer. Among the top selling options is the Unifun portable rugged charger. This unit offers a massive 10,400mAh of charging capacity.

These chargers usually cost around $17. With other variations selling a little cheaper.

Backpack Solar Charger

The best feature of a Solar backpack charger is obviously the lack of external power-source required in order to recharge your device. With a constant supply of green energy (provided you use it outside) charging your phone, you can ‘catch ’em all’ without worrying about power consumption. The Pokemon Go backpack solar charger comes in a variety of colors. Players who opted to play as Team Valor or Team Mystic will be pleased to lpokemon go power bank backpackearn that the choice of charger color is red or blue.
The Ivation backpack solar charger, providing a whopping 10,000mAh of charge and a waterproof battery is our best buy. Not only does this solar charger feature two USB charging ports, the backpack also provides a 1.8 liter hydration pack. This means that you can easily stay hydrated as you search for Pokemon during hot summer days. Currently, the Ivation backpack solar charger will cost you $90, although there are some reports of dealers selling them for as little as $75.

Other Power Saving Options

There are several other ways gamers can maximize their battery life while playing Pokemon Go. The best way is to reduce the brightness of the screen. This option is usually found in the ‘Display’ options under the ‘Settings’ menu.

Another way to save your battery power is by turning off ‘Augmented Reality’ (AR) mode. This disables your device’s camera. By doing this, you will not be able to see the Pidgey on your car seat, but you will be able to save some crucial battery life.

Turning off AR mode

  • Find a wild Pokemon
  • Engage in battle with Pokemon
  • The AR toggle will appear on the upper right side of the capture screen
  • Slide the AR toggle to the left

To turn the AR mode back on, you will have to find another Pokemon and repeat the above steps.


As you can see there are many different chargers currently available to help your device stay powered up on even the longest Pokemon hunting missions. Hopefully, our hints and tips should have helped you make an informed decision when picking a charging solution for you.


Happy hunting!








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