What Is Pokemon Candy For?

Pokemon Go is a free to download and play augmented reality mobile game. The aim of the game is to catch as many Pokemon as possible. pokemon go candyHowever, to ‘catch ’em all’, you’ll need to invest a lot of time into the game. Not every Pokemon you encounter will  be an exciting new one but a player is still encouraged to catch everything they can. This is because duplicate Pokemon can be traded for evolution candy.

Pokemon Go candy is a very important resource in Pokemon Go. To power up and evolve your Pokemon, you will need lots of candy. This guide will talk you through the process of acquiring candy as well as how much you will need to transform your Pokemon into their toughest forms.


Get Pokemon Go candy from transferring Pokemon

As previously mentioned, you earn candy primarily through catching and transferring Pokemon. The incentive to do so is an obvious one. Many of the creatures in the Pokemon universe can evolve into more powerful monsters. Successful evolutions will not only make sure your Pokemon team is formidable in battle but also increase your Pokedex without having to actually find certain creatures in the wild.

Every successful catch will award the trainer with three of the same type of candy as the creature you just captured. Each transfer will earn you an extra candy. These candies soon add up and it won’t be long before you can start to evolve some of the more common Pokemon in the game.


Steps to transfer your Pokemon for candy:

  • Tap the PokeBall at the bottom of the screen
  • Select the Pokemon you wish to transferPokemon Go Candy
  • Scroll down and tap transfer
  • Select yes

After a successful transfer, you will receive an additional candy for the species of Pokemon that was transferred. For instance, if you transfer a Bulbasaur, you will receive Bulbasaur candy. The Bulbasaur candy can then be used to power up a Bulbasaur, or any other Pokemon from Bulbasaur’s evolutionary tree.


Receiving candy for hatching Pokemon Eggs

Another option for getting Pokemon candy involves hatching eggs. You can get the Pokemon eggs at a PokeStop which is a location in the real world where you can restock on the game’s items.


Once you get an egg, you need to hatch it to get candy:

  • Tap the PokeBall at the bottom of your screen
  • Tap Pokemon
  • Swipe right to see the ‘Eggs’ tab
  • Select an egg
  • Tap ‘start incubation’
  • Select an incubator

Note: The distances under the eggs are the actual distance you will be required to walk to hatch the egg. You have to walk the distance with the app running and once you complete it, you will get a notification informing you that the egg has hatched. The Pokemon screen pop-up will show you which Pokemon you hatched, along with the amount of candies you will receive as a reward.


How much candy do you need to evolve a Pokemon?

The number of Pokemon candy needed to make an evolution varies. For example, to evolve your Pidgey into a Pidgeotto, you need to have twelve Pidgey candies. How much candy do you need to evolve a Pokemon? To get a Pidgeot, you must have fifty Pidgey candies. This number differs from species to species. It’s common for stronger Pokemon to require twenty-five candies to make their first evolution, then an additional one hundred to evolve a second time. This is the case with Abra’s evolutionary tree. To evolve Abra to Kadabra requires twenty-five candies and to evolve Kadabra into Alakazam requires one hundred candies.

To find out how much candy you need for a given evolution, look for the “Evolve” button on the Pokemon stats page. Some types of Pokemon do not evolve at all.  Others have one evolution and some have two.  The Pokemon information pages will tell you how many of each type of candy you have so far, and how many you need to get to evolve each type of Pokemon.

Remember that it is often possible to catch the evolved Pokemon in the wild too. For example, you may spend a lot of time transferring Pidgeys and getting candies to evolve your Pidgey, only to find that there is a wild Pidgeotto lurking on your favorite walk a few minutes later.


How to evolve a Pokemon with your candy

Go to the menu and select a Pokemon to evolve. Tap the highlighted evolve button. You will only be able to press the button if you have adequate candy.

Make sure you think carefully before selecting which Pokemon to evolve. This is because candies can be difficult to find for certain Pokemon. It’s therefore worth keeping hold of candies until you find an incredibly powerful version of the Pokemon you seek to evolve. This is because evolving weak creatures will create weak creatures. The converse is also true. By ensuring your Pokemon are almost at their maximum Combat Points before you evolve them, you can be sure that the Pokemon you receive after evolution will be worthy of your eventual team.

It’s also important to remember that if you transfer an evolved form you only get one candy for it. So if you spend twenty-five candies creating the evolved form and then catch a stronger example of it in the wild, you will have wasted the candies you initially used to evolve the original Pokemon.



There is no doubt that Pokemon candy plays a big part in the game. Be sure to keep the above in mind when enjoying Pokemon Go.



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