Pokemon Go Buddy Strategy Guide

In an effort to introduce a new dynamic in Pokémon Go, Niantic has introduced the Buddy system. This update, which was made available recently, lets a player enjoy the company of a Pokémon whilst out training. Pokemon Go buddy strategyNow, you too can stride around town with your favorite Pokémon just like Ash and Pikachu did in the classic animated series. Apart from looking pretty cool, there’s also a few in-game perks to be enjoyed from the new update. So keep reading!


Why introduce a Buddy system anyway?

According to Niantic, the previous method of evolving Pokémon was problematic. It required a lot of hunting and the large number of Candy required by certain rare Pokémon to evolve were just not achievable by the average trainer. The Pokémon Buddy system update, however, provides an additional technique for acquiring Pokémon Candy. The Pokémon you select to join you outside of the PokéBall will earn Candy of it’s type just by being by your side as you walk.


To select a Buddy to go follow you on your quest, go to the drop-down menu in the game journal and chose whichever Pokémon you like. There are certain choices here that are more optimum than others and we’ll talk all about that later in this guide.


Best strategies to maximize the buddy system

1. Choose the right Buddy: if you have played the game for a while, you’ll likely have a favorite Pokémon that you already have in mind for your first Buddy. Pokemon Go buddy strategyHowever, it’s important to look beyond mere aesthetics in order to make the most out of the Buddy time. Instead of choosing your favorite, pick one that is rare in your region.

This is because rare Pokémon are unlikely to spawn when walking around so your opportunity to gather Candy of their type will be diminished. If you’re chances of evolving a Pokémon by catching alone are slim, they are a good buddy candidate.


2. Switch up your Buddy: An excellent way to make the most of this feature would be to switch up your PokéBuddy frequently. Pokemon Go buddy strategyInstead of over-employing one Pokémon for harvesting Candy, use a wide variety of Pokémon you are struggling to evolve. This way, you’ll complete your Pokédex in no time!

3. Keep the tiers in mind: One player has revealed a compilation of the time taken by Pokémon buddies to evolve. The user arranged the names in a list that show Pokémon that are likely to evolve in the least amount of time.

Topping the chart are the following:

  • Charmelion
  • Grimer
  • Dragonair
  • Kadabra
  • Wartortle

The user has also named some low ranking Pokémon such as Rarrata, Pidgey, Zubat, Magikarp and a few more.

4. Be dedicated: Just because you’ve got the ability to evolve Pokémon without catching them now doesn’t mean you can start slacking off your hunting. You’ll still need to cover a lot of ground with your Buddy by your side to gather more Candy and catching new Pokémon and gaining Stardust are still equally as important as they ever were.


How to get the update?

If you happen to be one of the few who hasn’t updated yet, don’t fret! Just head on over to your iOS or Android app store and check for the latest version. Pokemon Go buddy strategyThe new update will make your Pokémon Go version 0.37.0 if you’re on Android and version 1.7.0 for iOS.

If you’re struggling, it might be because the update is not officially available in your region yet. If this is the case it shouldn’t be too long a wait. Familiarize yourself with these tips and tricks and get ready to start training your Pokémon in a whole new way!



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