Pokemon Go Best Pokemon: Who Are They?

Who are the Pokemon Go best Pokemon? Now you’ve finally settled into the game, you have mastered how to find Pokemon, and now you want to get into taking over the Gym! You know the best way to do that is by getting the Pokemon go best Pokemon on your team. Or you want to impress your friends with your skill or just simply set a personal goal for your PokePlaying. All Pokemon are not created equal; definitely, some are better than others in terms of being popular, hard to catch and in terms of being the best fighters.

Now the question is: Which are the best Pokemon to have in Pokemon go? Well, if you want the satisfaction that comes with having some of the best monsters around in Pokemon go, or you are serious about creating a formidable strong team, you have come to the right place.

Here is a list of the Pokemon Go Best Pokemon


Dragons are just great irrespective of what game you are playing. pokemon go best pokemonThis remains to be true in Pokemon go with Dragonite, the final form of ever elusive Dratini. It is most effective against anything except Fairy Pokemon or steel. Unless you have somehow managed to unlock Mewtwo or Mew, it is very hard to beat someone’s Dragon.

Dragon Pulse special will assist in wiping away those tough nuisance. Steel wing alone will help in dealing with most challengers.


Of course, you will be kicking things off with one of the strongest and biggest Pokemon around. Snorlax is one of the Pokemon in Pokemon go that just emits power, so it’s not that big of a surprise that it’s one of the strongest Pokemon. It is most effective on anything except steel or rock Pokemon. The sleeping giant has tremendous stamina.

It is almost impossible to defeat without going deep into your roster. It dominates with special attacks, a powerful earthquake, a healthy supply of the HP and a crushing Zen Headbutt.


Not only is Lapras one of the Pokemon Go best Pokemon to have when you are challenging a Gym, but also it is one of the best to leave defending one. pokemon go best pokemonWith one of the most special attacks and a massive amount of HP in Pokemon, Lapras stands to be among the best. Lapras is also adamant against dragon types like the one we mentioned earlier Dragonite.

Apart from being tough in a fight, it is also one of the coolest looking. It is most effective against rock, flying and ground Pokemon.


Just as it was in the original games and anime, a majority of people tend to pass up Slowbro due to its appearance. Yes, it’s pink and kind of silly looking Pokemon. But it turns out that probably you should give it a second look. It evolves by attaching a shelldor on its tail to create the Slowbro.

It shares the same special attack as it in with Lapras and has a usually higher HP than its peers. Slowbro has a solid statistics across the stamina, board, attack and defense.


Vaporeon happens to be one of the Pokemon Go best Pokemon we have on Pokemon go. It edges out both its electric and fire counterparts. It’s one of the surest ways of getting a Pokemon that will make its trainer proud in Gyms by catching enough Eevees to evolve into a Vaporeon. What lets you choose what you Eevees will follow is an Easter egg in the game.pokemon go vaporean

Vaporeon has only two weaknesses- electric and glass- but it can hold its own in almost everything else. Its sizable pool of HP and speed is what makes it the evolution to seek.


Flareon may kind of been edged out by its water sibling, but that does not necessarily mean it isn’t without uses. It has proven to be one of the most effective during Gym battles. Flareon is most effective against Ice, Grass, Bug, and Steel Pokemon. It has a decent ability to burn everything else to the ground and attack speed.


Exeggutor is a pretty unique Pokemon since it is a grass/psychic type of Pokemon. That presents it with some few weaknesses, but it makes up for that with its solid defense, strength, and a whole lot of resistance. It is resistant to water, fighting, ground, electric, grass and other psychic Pokemon.

Final Tips

You can be sure that by changing that name of an Eevee to Rainer, pokemon go best pokemonit will evolve into a Vaporeon. If you want Flareon, change its name to Pyro. Water Pokemon like Magikarp will most likely spawn near actual IRL sources of water; however, it will take a huge number of candies to evolve one into Gyarados. Lastly, you can be able to hatch most of these Pokemon from eggs, though creatures like Lapras and Snorlax will need a lot of walking given their 10 Kilometer requirements.

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