Pokemon Go Accidents: Some Frightening Stories

The Pokemon Go augmented reality game has really taken the world by storm but some people are a little bit too eager to “catch ’em all”. Staring down at your phone while hunting Pokemon can be dangerous, particularly in busy cities. So be careful out there and make sure you avoid having a Pokemon Go accident of your own.

Pokemon Go players move their avatar around a map that the programmers built into the app itself. The GPS service on your phone provides the game with your location and moves the character accordingly. That means you actually have to get up, leave the house and travel around you local area yourself!

While travelling around users check their phone to see if the game has spawned any new Pokemon. If they are lucky they will see one of the games 151 unique monsters and have an opportunity to catch it. To catch a Pokemon players must literally ‘flick’ their PokeBalls in the direction of the creature and pokemon go accidentshope that they are successful caged within it. After successfully capturing a Pokemon, you can train them, help them evolve and take them to battle at gyms. Various real world locations have been chosen to act as PokeStops where it is possible to perform a variety of actions, such as replenishing used items.

Since the release of Pokemon Go, everyone has been talking about how innovative it is. After all, most gamers are used to spending the majority of their time indoors. This is simply not an option while playing Pokemon Go. However, with all these people suddenly walking around staring at their phones, Pokemon Go accidents are inevitable. The game hadn’t even been out for a week when the first case of DWP (Driving While Poke-ing) was reported.

Here are just a few of many Pokemon Go accidents

  • On the July 12, the game distracted a motorist. He was so engrossed in playing that he ended up smashing into a tree. The crash pushed the engine so far into the vehicle that it was almost touching the passenger seat. This is considered to be the first Pokemon Go related car crash injury. Even though he wasn’t seriously hurt (he suffered a broken ankle and cuts to his legs), it’s scary to think what other, similar mishaps could occur.
  • KBTX aired a report about an accident on campus at Texas A&M. Apparently a man had illegally parked his car whilst he got out to catch a Pokemon. A second motorist crashed directly into the poorly placed vehicle.pokemon injury
  • Two police officers became victims of a similar Pokemon Go accident after a player crashed into them in Quebec City. The driver hit the police cruiser when he reversed the vehicle erratically in a parking area. The officers were preparing to pull a different motorist over when they were hit by the careless driver. They were taken to the hospital where they were treated for minor injuries.
  • In another instance, a player got into an accident while trying to catch a Zubat that appeared on the hood of his car. It’s not hard to see how that led to yet another Pokemon Go accident!
  • A young girl was so enthralled with the game, she didn’t notice when she crossed a busy highway. She was struck by a vehicle, breaking her collarbone and injuring her foot.

Social Me3 pokemons nearbydia and Pokemon Go Accidents

Since these accidents, the hashtag #dontpokemongoanddrive has been trending all over the net. There are even some people who share their Pokemon Go accidents on social media but because the game is still so new, there are no real statistics about how many incidents involving the game have occurred.

It’s easy to blame a game for one’s own shortcomings but at the end of the day, each of us has to take responsibility for our own safety. We need to use our common sense and not put ourselves into situations that endanger ourselves or those around us. Stay in groups, pay attention to who and what is about and avoid going poorly lit places alone. It goes without saying that parents should also take responsibility for their kids. Make sure you know where they are, where they are going and who they are going with.

Just a word of caution, the police do consider ‘Driving While Pokeing’ a crime. People caught DWP can expect at least a fine.


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