How To Play Pokemon Go Without Wifi

Pokemon Go has taken the globe by storm. It’s hardly surprising given the unique factors surrounding its release. The rise of augmented reality gaming, plus the global branding of the franchise has been a potent recipe for success for developers Niantic. The fact that the game blends real-world locations with onscreen activities really lends itself to the nature of Pokemon. Ash Ketchum didn’t just sit on his couch in his underwear collecting Pokemon did he? No, of course not, he got out there and hunted them for himself! It’s the blending of game-play and content that makes Pokemon Go a hugely playable game that draws on people’s preexisting love of Pokemon. However, you do need internet access to enjoy this latest craze but if you are reading this it’s safe to assume that you are already online. In this article, we are going to share some ideas on how to play Pokemon Go without WiFi access.

How To Play Pokemon Go Without WiFi And How The Game Works

Before we start covering solutions, it’s best that you have a good idea on how the game works.

How To Play Pokemon Go Without WifiPokemon Go uses GPS to track your device’s location and displays this information onto a map featuring real-world locations. Changes in your phone’s position causes your avatar to moves accordingly.

In order to use your device’s location service some form on internet connection is required. This can be either WiFi, or mobile data from your mobile phone service provider.

Internet Data

Using your phone’s data service from your provider is the simplest and most effective way to play Pokemon Go without WiFi. Of course, it isn’t free and those without an unlimited data plan might find themselves running low on megabytes very quickly. If you are serious about your Poke quest, it is definitely worth considering an upgrade to a larger data package.

Using mobile internet is much more effective for playing Pokemon Go than using a WiFi connection. This is obviously because of the mobile nature of the game. You will not be able to catch many exciting Pokemon from the vicinity of your own home, or local McDonalds or where ever the WiFi you are connecting to is located!

There is another solution some may consider but seeing as it is just as costly as mobile phone data, it seems rather pointless.

You can purchase a mobile WiFi device from many Internet Service Providers. Yes, it is still WiFI because the data is coming from a portable WiFi device. However, you can use the device on its own battery power making it a portable solution. As mentioned above, this is not free and when you factor in the cost of the actual device, it will likely work out more expensive than just topping your phone up with some more data.

Why are you even trying to play Pokemon Go with WiFi anyway!?

To conclude, it really doesn’t make sense to even play with WiFi as the game focuses on movement. Sure you can connect to your home, work or whatever WiFi to use certain features of the game but the majority of the game-play relies on movement. If you are concerned about the cost of your data bill it might be worth waiting until you are near a WiFi hotspot to complete any of the game’s tasks that do not require movement. Perhaps you have a large cache of pidgeys you have been hoarding or need to discard many items. These are the kind of tasks that can be completed using a WiFi connection alone and this will have some effect on your overall data useage. Unfortunately, however, the game is quite data intensive and this kind of solution will not yield spectacular results. It’s really best to just get a large data package and get out there exploring.

The game was designed to be played using your mobile phone data, so don’t worry you can still play Pokemon Go without WiFi.

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