How To Play Pokemon Go Without Data

It didn’t take long for Pokémon Go to become a global phenomenon. Literally millions of players have flocked to their app stores to download the smash-hit title. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you will know that the game, developed by Niantic, requires players to move around in the real-world in search of Pokémon. This means players need a constant internet connection, either through Wi-Fi or mobile data, to enjoy the game to play pokemon go without data

While many people eagerly joined the hunt, there were lots who felt disappointed by the seeming necessity of a data connection, required to play. Users have also reported that the game exhausts data allowances extremely quickly. This can obviously lead to extortionate phone bills. If you are struggling with a low mobile data package or don’t want to use data at all, this guide is for you.

How to Play Pokemon Go Without Data

Just because this game requires constant activity on smartphone devices doesn’t mean you cannot play without data at all. You can definitely go around catching your favorite Pokémon if you are savvy enough to utilize the following tricks:

  • Playing without data is easy if you live in a place that has a lot of cafes, universities/colleges that offer free WiFi. You can easily roam around within the coverage area and catch Pokémon that appear within the router’s range. Sure, your gameplay experience would be limited to a certain extent, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the to play pokemon go without data
  • If you and your friends go out to catch Pokémon together, you can always share the internet connection. Create a hotspot on your friend’s device and log into it to play the game. However, you must remain within proximity of the host to get a stable connection. This is great if one of your friends is fortunate enough to have an unlimited data package. Players attempting this should be aware that tethering to a friend’s device uses a vast amount of data and should only be attempted with the permission of the bill payer.
  • An excellent way to attract a lot of Pokémon to your location is to use a Lure Module or Incense. This will allow the player to remain stationary at a WiFi hotspot and catch Pokémon that are drawn to the area by the Lure or Incense. The best places to activate Lures are malls, cafes, parks, and locations where many players are present.

How to Find WiFi Hotspots

When you’re on the hunt for Pokémon, finding open WiFi hotspots can be a challenge. Sure, you might know of a few places offering free WiFi but unless you know several, playing Pokémon Go might be somewhat challenging. how to play pokemon go without dataIt is possible, however, to find decent public hotspots in your location if you have the right tools.

There are different WiFi locator apps available for Android and iOS devices that can provide accurate locations of hotspots. What’s even more interesting is that these apps do not require Internet connectivity to locate free and paid hotspots. The search engines index dozens of countries and offers searching by street address, postal code, name, etc.

Some popular WiFi hotspot locators are JiWire, The Hotspot Heaven, WiFi-FreeSpot, and WiFiMapper. All these apps have slightly different qualities that make them favorable in their own way. Usually, all you have to do is login to one of the programs and let the software detect your location. You’ll then receive a list of open and paid hotspot locations conveniently marked on the map. Just go to the mentioned locations and enjoy the free connectivity.

Difficulty of Playing Without a Data Connection

Whilst some of the game’s features are easily usable without a data connection, others are not so straight forward. Perhaps the most obvious one is hatching eggs. The game requires a constant internet connection while the user is mobile to incubate Pokémon eggs. This, unfortunately, is the price one has to pay for not wanting to spend money on data for the game.

Regardless, you should be able to enjoy playing Pokémon Go with relatively little to no data consumption by following the tips mentioned.

It seems doubtful that any form of offline gaming will be offered, due to the nature of Pokémon Go. Perhaps Niantic will release an update that allows users to battle, train or trade Pokémon using bluetooth. Until then, those wanting to play without data will have to persevere and make use of as much free WiFi as possible.

Happy hunting!


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