Ingress Vs Pokemon Go: What Are The Differences?

Have you ever come across a complete comparison of Ingress vs. Pokemon Go? If not, Ingress vs. Pokemon Gothen you have landed at the right place. This guide compares these two exciting, new games and gives useful information about what to expect when playing them. Niantic, the developer behind the games, was little-known until four years ago when they created Ingress. The two games are extremely fun and are designed to get you out of your house to enjoy a different style of game-play. So which one is better? Find out as we take a look at Ingress vs. Pokemon Go.

Game Popularity: Ingress vs. Pokemon Go

Although Ingress is it’s precursor, it didn’t enjoy the same instant global success that sent Pokemon Go to the top of the download charts. You only have to consider how big a franchise Pokemon actually is to understand why this is. Think back to the days of trading cards and Gameboy games, not to mention the TV series; Pokemon is seriously big business! When you think about the relative success of Ingress vs. Pokemon Go it’s not hard to see why Pokemon Go wins the popularity race based on its truly colossal branding.

However, there are still those who prefer Ingress. Perhaps because they simply never got into Pokemon, or perhaps because of some of the features listed below:

Gameplay: Ingress vs. Pokemon Go

Ingress Gameplay: Ingress sets players on quests toIngress Gameplay capture game Portals which are placed all over the world. The Portals give control over various geographical areas. Ingress players can leave items once they are at a high enough level so as to guard their game Portals. Ingress players are required to use XM to complete every action and visit XM spots physically to collect more.

Pokemon Go Gameplay: It is quite different because players must travel to capture Pokemon and power them up for battle.  Once armed with enough powerful Pokemon, players can capture gyms for their team and it is possible to train using friendly gyms. Pokemon Go features Poke Stops which are located all over the world. Players are supposed to access Poke Stops to collect more items.

Faction or Team System: Both games feature a form of team system. Ingress has a two-team system and each has it’s own reason to fight. Pokemon Go has three teams, but they don’t have a real backstory, despite what some say online. The two games may look very similar by looking at the surface, but their content is different. They also put place their emphasis on different areas of game-play.

Pokemon Go Pros and Cons

  • Larger community hence easier to find other players
  • More activities to do
  • Ideal for everyone because it is very accessible. Pokemon GO Pros and ConsFor instance, kids can play it with their parents.
  • Can team up with friends and attack gyms together
  • Leveling problem. People who play the game once a week find it hard to compete with those who play the game every day. This problem isn’t very severe because you will level up by catching Pokemon and there are many tasks that you can grind to level-up. Plus the motto is ‘gotta catch ’em all’, not ‘gotta win at every gym’.

Ingress Pros and Cons

  • A more organized community
  • Ideal for die-hard gamers
  • Very consistent with millions of players, portals and resonators Ingress Pros and Consto help you keep track at any given time.
  • A more severe leveling problem. Low level players who don’t have high level friends may take long to level up because the game Portals are guided by resonators. Players need to link portals together and destroy enemies’ portals to level-up. It will be hard for you to level-up if you have a weak team.

Using Ingress with Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go fans are always trying to catch the rarest Pokemon by wandering around parks and cities. There are a few clues but this is predominately trial-and-error. However, there is a hack that you can use to make finding Pokemon easier.

You need to run Ingress to make the hiding location of Pokemon clearer. Ingress maps have XM or Exotic Matter, which are white dots that denote energy hotspots. Patrolling these areas will help you catch numerous rare Pokemon in Pokemon Go. However, to use this trick successfully, don’t walk with Ingress open. Instead, walk with Pokemon Go open and stop to check for areas dense with XM in Ingress.

Community: Pokemon Go vs. Ingress

Pokemon Go may be still in its early days but its community is bigger than that of Ingress. You are likely to share a neighborhood with several different groups of gamers and members from all the teams. The fact that it is riding a great wave of popularity means that social media chatter and news coverage is making more players aware of the game. This has helped to make it grow exponentially. It’s actually possible to show up to Poke Stops in your town and meet people you never met before and bond over this exciting new game.

In contrast, Ingress has more organized communities on Facebook and Google+ where players make plans to meet people from their area. Cities will often have separate groups of Enlightened and Resistance factions. These groups are great because Ingress players need to work with others in order to succeed.

Pokemon Go has millions of players from all over the globe, but the game doesn’t have any multi-player features. Ingress, however, was designed with the gaming community in mind. ingress vs. pokemon goThis means that Ingress has fewer but a higher proportion of more active players who are dedicated to take part in live events. These are scheduled by Ingress at cities all over the world.

Pokemon Go fans should not be too put off by this though because there are rumors of similar live events happening for them too, in the future.


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