How Do You Get Incense In Pokemon Go?

One of the coolest things about playing Pokemon Go is getting out of the house and exploring your local area to search for Pokemon. However, this isn’t always possible and users who are stuck at home, or in the office might feel left out of the hunt. Luckily, the game developers have included a few items that help bring Pokemon to your stationary location. One of these items is known as Incense. But how do you get Incense in Pokemon Go and how exactly does it work?

About Incense and its Functions

Having Incense in your bag will make the job of catching Pokemon much simpler for you. This tool will increase the number of Pokemon appearing in a particular area. This is obviously advantageous as most of the games functions rely on you catching as many Pokemon as do you get incense in pokemon go

Incense is one of two tools used to attract Pokemon to a given area. It differs from Lure Modules in that you can actually use it on the move. Whereas a Lure Module will draw monsters to an assigned location, Incense works by bringing them to your avatar.

How do you get Incense in Pokemon Go?

Every player begins the game with a couple of Incense Pots in their bag. It’s worth making sure you have enough enough Poke Balls before setting one off because once deployed, you will only have thirty minutes to use it. This time is much better spent catching spawning Pokemon rather than hunting around for extra Poke Balls. This will ensure that you use the item to its maximum potential.

how do you get incense in pokemon goYou can get incense in Pokemon Go using two methods. These are leveling up and buying them from the in-game store.

Each Pokemon trainer receives Incense as a reward when they reach levels 5, 7, 10, 15, and 20.

The second alternative is to visit the store and either use your real-world cash, or Poke Coins from successful gym defenses to purchase more.

To reach the Pokemon Go Shop, you will have to tap on the Poke Ball (it’s located at the bottom of your screen) and clicking on the ‘Shop’ icon. Once at the store, you can purchase as many Incense Pots as you like.

Activating Incense Pots

Do the following to activate Incense Pots:

  • Tap the Poke Ball.
  • Next, Tap “Items”.
  • Finally Tap “Incense”.
  • Tap the Incense pot appearing on the main screen once again. This will set off Incense’s luring effect for 30 minutes.
  • Once activated, you will see a magic purple swirl surrounding your character and the hunt is on!

Pick Your Area Sensibly

Regardless of the area in which you are using Incense, the tool will help you to draw Pokemon close to your character.

how do you get incense in pokemon go

If you are close by to a Poke Stop with a Lure Module on, both the Incense and Lure will affect the Pokemon appearing in your vicinity. This can yield great results and users often report seeing many Pokemon filling up their screen.

Incense can also be good if you are not able to actually explore the map for whatever reason. People often use the attractive abilities of Incense if they are stuck at work, have to stay in or the weather is very bad.


Walk instead of remaining still


Despite the fact that Incense works good for those who are immobile, it is most effective when traveling around the map. This is consistent with many of the game’s other features. Setting an Incense Pot off before you go on a Poke quest is often good strategy and you will likely see a wider array of interesting creatures than if you were to just sit and home with incense burning.


Hopefully with the above tips you will have learned something new about how to use Incense in Pokemon Go. Now, why not get out there and give it a try for yourself?


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