Abra In Pokemon Go: Guide And Tips To Catching


Introduction To Abra in Pokemon Go and Other Mediaabra in pokemon go

With the huge success of Pokemon Go internationally, an arms race to catch the best Pokemon was always going to happen. Whilst some Pokemon in the game are found and captured easily, there are others which can be tricky. These include the topic of this feature, Abra.

Abra is a first generation, “psi” Pokemon. It’s a psychic type Pokemon who fans will remember for moves like “teleport.” Physical attributes include a kite-shaped face and pointed ears. His eyes are normally shut and are wide.

Abra in Pokemon Go is a very powerful Pokemon as it possesses great hypnotic abilities. It can teleport to any location at such speed that it seems to have generated clones of itself. Abra’s ability to read minds allows it to preempt its opponent’s moves and makes it a tough battler. It sleeps for almost eighteen hours a day and uses teleportation to change its position every hour. If it doesn’t get a full eighteen hours it loses its powers of telekinesis. As in the rest of the world of Pokemon, Abra in Pokemon Go evolves into Kadabra who, in turn, evolves into Alakazam.

How Hard is it to Catch?

At present, Abra has a reputation for being one of the hardest Pokemon to capture. When you consider how incredibly powerful a fully powered-up Alakazam can be, it’s also one of the most valuable. It’s not so much the difficulty in actually catching one that is the problem, more the rarity of even seeing one. If you happen upon an Abra in the Pokemon Go, or better still one of the more evolved forms of it, it’s definitely worth digging deep into your pack. Feel free to throw a raspberry to soften it up a little before you hit it with the best Poke Ball available. If you can manage to hit it with a pretty small catch-circle and with a bit of luck, you should have just caught yourself an Abra.

How Rare is it and Why do People Want it.

Well it’s already been stated that Abra in Pokemon Go is a pretty big deal. The fact that we have this article on it is proof enough of that. It’s not just your average pidgey or spearow; even lower combat power Abras are valuable. It’s just finding them probably won’t be that simple. However, if you persevere and load up on incense and lure modules, you will find them. They’re reported to be more common at nighttime as is the case with many of the psychic Pokemon. They are definitely out there and are not as rare as some other Pokemon in the game, such as Dragonite.

If you’re lucky enough to catch a lot of Abra then it’s time to think about evolution.

Abra Evolution in Pokemon Go

Abra evolves into Kadabra and in Pokemon Go that requires twenty five Abra candies. Kadabra, in turn, evolves into Alakazam, requiring a whopping one hundred candies.

Alakazam is the most powerful of the pyshic Pokemon, and is a great match-up against any ‘dark’ or bug type Pokemon.


So, there you have it. Abra, a great little Pokemon with the potential to become the psychic power-house that is Alakazam.

Abra in Pokemon Go tricky to find enough already and you won’t find it here. So, get hunting!

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